Monday 16 December 2013

Review - Galt toys craft kits and Pirate Pursuit board game

Galt toys are a brand with 175 years experience in toys and education. They produce all sorts of different toys and games, including craft, science and puzzle toys, and I was offered the chance to review some of the different things in their range. Knowing how much my children love this kind of thing, I chose an Activity Pack Value Bundle. It contains six different activity packs, and they are great to have in the cupboard for rainy afternoons, as well as being fantastic stocking fillers or birthday presents.

I knew that Harry would be fascinated with the idea of making his own bouncy balls, and I wasn't wrong. The kit contains some special granules and two moulds, one large and one small. We had enough to make three small balls and one large one, although we did have a bit of spillage. You just pour the granules (which also glow in the dark!) into the moulds, then place in cold water for a couple of minutes to set before removing and leaving the balls to dry out.

Review- Toys and activity kits from Galt toys

I was really impressed with how well this kit worked, as I must admit that I was a bit sceptical! The process was easy enough for Harry to make them himself under supervision, and the finished balls were solid, colourful and very bouncy!

Next we tried some plaster of Paris, which I've not done for years. The Cute Cupcakes kit includes the plaster, a mould and some paint and glitter. You need to find an old bowl and spoon for mixing the plaster. It mixed up easily, and Harry had a go at spooning it into the moulds with a little bit of help from me.

The moulds popped out easily and were ready to paint. The quality of the paint was very good, and in a pleasant selection of colours. There was plenty of paint and the moulds are reusable, so I may be buying some more plaster so that we can make up another set or two. I think that Harry did really well and he's so proud of his cupcakes.

Review- Toys and activity kits from Galt toys

We also received the Pirate Pursuit board game. The object of the game is to be the first to fill your loot bag with treasure, which you collect by moving around the board using a die.

Review- Toys and activity kits from Galt toys

Easy enough, until you land on a space marked with the pirate galleon! Then you wind up the pirate ship and it races around the edge of the board, ready to steal the treasure of the player whose colour it lands on! It makes the game really exciting for little ones, and I made a short video of the pirate ship in action:

It's a simple game, perfect for little ones like Harry that are just starting to play board games. Even Mia could play along for a short while - she tried to join in with throwing the die, although she really preferred just watching the pirate ship race around! Pirate Pursuit is currently on sale for £15.99, a price which I think compares very favourably to similar high quality board games on the market.

We received the Activity Pack Bundle and Pirate Pursuit board game to review.


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