Saturday 21 December 2013

Simple paper plate Christmas wreath

These paper plate Christmas wreaths are a really simple Christmas craft for children, and would also make a great project for a large group of children. You might even be able to find some green paper plates, which would make them a lot easier and quicker to make!

Christmas wreath from a paper plate craft

You need:

Paper plates
Green paint
Green glitter
Bits and pieces to decorate - we used red and white pom poms, cut up pieces of green pipe cleaner and scraps of green paper and tissue paper
Ribbon to decorate and hang


Making these wreaths is a two step process, as you need to wait for the base layer of green paint to dry. If you don't have time to wait for them to dry, you could leave out the paint layer and just collage the decorations on to the wreath. I like to paint first because I find that little ones often don't have the patience to cover the entire wreath, and the green underneath looks nicer than plain white.

First, cut the centres out of the paper plates. I find the easiest way to do this is to fold the paper plate lightly in half and cut out the middle that way. Then paint with thick green paint. While the paint is wet you might want to sprinkle some green glitter across them before it dries for a glittery finish.

Then when the paint is dry, stick the collage materials all over the wreath. I found some ribbon in my ribbon stash to make a bow for the top, then we used BluTak to stick them to the doors of the children's bedrooms, you could also punch a hole in the top and use ribbon to hang them from a door or the Christmas tree.

Christmas wreath from a paper plate craft

A lovely decoration for your child's bedroom door this Christmas!


  1. Very sweet and simple. Something my two could attempt by themselves too! :)

  2. That is a brilliant idea, I love it!

  3. Such a clever idea and so easy. I would have never thought of that...

  4. so clever! i may trybfir my daughter's birthday next year as she's a december b/day!

  5. Paper plates have so many uses don't they? A great Christmas craft **added to Pinterest board for next year**

    1. I love using paper plates for crafting, they are so versatile!

  6. I love simple crafts and this is brilliant - thank you for sharing.

  7. Very sweet! And definitely age appropriate for my wee fella... We'll have to give these a shot x


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