Saturday 22 February 2014

Babysitting and cross stitching

I babysat for a friend the other night. I quite like babysitting. The boys I sit for never wake up during the evening, so I don't need to worry about being disturbed. Mia wakes up every evening at some point between 9 and 10pm screaming, and even though she usually settles quickly it does mean that we can't really have anyone to babysit for us at the moment, as I'm not sure how she'd react if we weren't there. So it was nice to have a chance to sit quietly of an evening and know that I wasn't going to be disturbed.

I took the opportunity for a chance to work on my latest cross stitch. It's a small kit which I bought a while ago in the sale in Hobbycraft, it's actually a design for a large coaster and it comes complete with the plastic case and cork backing. When I opened it I found that it didn't actually include any embroidery silks which surprised me as kits usually do, perhaps that was why it was so cheap. Fortunately I have a good range of colours which I've picked up at various times so I should have all that I need. It's quite a pretty little picture and I like that it will be functional when it's finished.

Cross stitch birdhouse kit

This is the very last cross stitch kit that I have, so once it's finished I'll have to make the decision whether to buy a new kit or not. The trouble is that I find cross stitch kits so expensive as an initial purchase, even if they do take me years to finish!

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