Wednesday 3 December 2014

Hillary's Christmas Craft Event in Brighton

At the weekend I was invited to a crafty event in Brighton, hosted by Hillary's and Joe Blogs. It was a great opportunity to try out some festive crafts using Hillary's fabric.

The event took place at Taj's Tea Parlour in Brighton. It's a lovely venue, a pretty little tea room and beautifully decorated, perfect for some crafting and a chance to chat with fellow local bloggers. I didn't really know anyone else going, but everyone was so friendly and it was lovely to put some faces to names.

Our two seasonal crafts were led by Make Do and Trend, who offer craft workshops across the South Coast. They had designed crafts especially to showcase some of the new Hillary's fabrics. Our first craft was some simple no-sew bunting. It was super easy, all we had to do was glue our fabric diamonds onto some cord to complete the bunting.

Fabric crafts for Christmas with Hillarys

They looked fantastic all hung up outdoors to dry!

Fabric crafts for Christmas with Hillarys

Then we moved onto something slightly more complicated, a fabric bauble. We used a polystyrene ball as the base, then folded squares of fabric around it and pinned them into place to make a design reminiscent of a quilt.

Fabric crafts for Christmas with Hillarys

This wasn't easy to do, and it took a lot of time and pins. I'm pretty pleased with the finished result though, especially if you don't touch it or look too closely!

Fabric crafts for Christmas with Hillarys

It was a great afternoon! You can see more about the event here - Hillary's Craft Workshop.

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