Friday 12 December 2014

Right Here, Right Now - December 2014

As I half mentioned in my post the other day, I've been feeling a bit out of touch with myself somehow lately. I felt that I needed to focus. So I'm joining in with Right Here, Right Now, hosted by Aly at Bug, Bird and Bee as a way of taking stock of what I've been up to.

Currently I am: Dealing with end of term over-tiredness in two small children that had a super busy holiday away last month instead of a half-term holiday to recover. Everyone apart from me in the house also has a streaming cold and hacking cough. We've had a lot of screaming and tears over the last few days (on all sides!). I'm looking forward to a day out (child free!) with my friends tomorrow though.

Reading: I'm currently reading Travelling to Infinity by Jane Hawking which I've been sent to review. It's the story on which the film The Theory of Everything is based, written by Stephen Hawking's first wife. I've not got very far with it yet, but it's proving to be a good read and I'm hoping to finish it before I watch the film.

Travelling to Infinity by Jane Hawking

Listening to: The only time I really listen to music is in the car when I'm driving the children about. At the moment it's mainly the Frozen soundtrack, to which I am word perfect, although Mia has currently developed an obsession with Part of Your World from The Little Mermaid. When I do get the chance to have my music on, I've been listening to some of my old Blur albums.

Swooning over: We've not been watching much on television lately, so unfortunately opportunities for swooning have been limited. I am quite sad that we've finished watching Breaking Bad though...

Planning: I've been doing a bit of Christmas planning, although to be honest I don't have much to do. All the presents are bought now with just a bit of wrapping to go, and we don't have to cook a big turkey dinner. I'm doing a bit of blog planning for the New Year, coming up with ideas for posts and scheduling them in, although I've slowed down a bit now that Christmas is approaching. I've recently started a bullet journal style system for keeping myself organised which is working out well.

Eating lots of: I can't keep away from the chocolate biscuits at the moment! Sleep has been a bit limited lately with poorly children, and I find myself headed towards the biscuit tin as a way to keep going. This weekend I'm hoping to make a start on the gingerbread house, so that will mean eating lots of gingerbread, and we've just opened the first of the Christmas chocolate tins!

Remembering: I've been feeling very nostalgic about Christmas past lately. I wrote a little bit about our Christmas traditions, I think that Christmas is a time when you can't help thinking about how things have changed over the years, and how little ones are growing up quickly.

Discovering: I've been trying my hand at stop motion animation lately along with Harry which has been a lot of fun. I also found out about the free YouTube music that you can add to your videos.

Films I've watched: Ram and I managed a trip to the cinema last week to see The Hunger Games - Mockingjay Part 1. I enjoyed it as I really liked the books, although I don't agree with splitting the last book into two films, I think that it could easily have been covered in one. Last night we watched A Most Wanted Man which was pretty good. We normally watch a lot of films together but we've slowed down a bit lately, we have a long list of films to get through!

Wearing: I'm in my winter uniform now of walking shoes, jeans and stretchy jumpers, with an extra hoodie over the top when it's cold in the house.

Making: I don't really have a long term craft project at the moment, as I still need to find one to settle to - something to think about in the New Year. I have the Hama beads out pretty much permanently and the other day I made a little Hama bead Christmas forest. I've also been trying to come up with Christmas crafts involving Duck Tape for a review post, which is proving more difficult than I'd anticipated!

Hama bead Christmas forest

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