Tuesday 2 December 2014

Festive Sugru colours and a funky Sugru coaster

One of the many things that I love about my blog is the opportunity to try out new crafting products. You may remember that I recently shared some crafty projects that I've made using Sugru. Well this Christmas Sugru have launched some new festive colours, presented in limited edition tins. Sugru has loads of uses around the home, and it also makes a great, more unusual gift!

How to make a Sugru spiral upcycled coaster

For Christmas 2014, Sugru released two limited edition tins, each containing five 5g packs of Sugru. One contained five different colours - Awesome Orange, Silver Grey, Woody Brown, Mossy Green and Panther Pink. The other tin contained five 5g packs of the Silver Grey, which is a great colour if you are repairing or improving gadgets around the home. I received a tin of the new coloured Sugru to try out.

So here is what I made with this lovely colourful Sugru - a cheerful Sugru upcycled coaster!

How to make a Sugru spiral upcycled coaster

I really love the little tin that the Sugru arrived in, and the colours inside are gorgeous, lovely pastel shades and a bit of a change from the more vibrant colours that I've used before. I decided that I'd use some of the colours to make a cheerful coaster for my morning hot chocolate. Sugru is heatproof, and because unlike similar modelling materials it cures at room temperature you can use it to upcycle items that can't be placed in an oven. A little goes a long way and it's really easy to mould. However it does start to cure as soon as you open the packet so you need to work fairly quickly, you have about half an hour or so before it becomes too firm to work with easily.

I had some old coasters that we bought a long time ago and they are pretty disgusting. I'm normally quite ruthless so I'm not sure why I kept them really apart from the thought that I'd do something with them one day! I decided to do a swirly pattern, so I drew a quick spiral in pencil as a base then I started with the first colour, Silver Grey. I rolled out a small sausage, stuck it onto the coaster and then pressed it down a bit. I continued with each colour in turn, filling in all the gaps. From time to time I pressed the coaster downwards onto a sheet of baking paper to try and keep it fairly flat. The coaster used three and a half packets of Sugru in total.

How to make a Sugru spiral upcycled coaster

The Sugru needs to be left for about 24 hours to cure completely, and it sets with a soft, rubbery finish which remains fairly flexible.

When I'd finished I had about half a packet of the orange Sugru left over, so I used it to mend my stick blender which kept coming loose from the handle. Because Sugru doesn't keep once you have opened the packet I find it useful to have a running list of little fixes in case I have some left over!

Although these Festive tins are no longer available to purchase, you can find Sugru in the colours that I've used on the Sugru website, along with lots of other colours and themed packs. Sugru is also available to buy from many retailers.

If you are feeling inspired I have rounded up all my Sugru crafts along with a few others, in this post - Crafting with Sugru

I received a tin of festive Sugru to review.

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