Thursday 4 December 2014

Our Christmas traditions old and new

I've been reflecting a lot on Christmas lately, remembering my favourite Christmas memories from when I was little and thinking about the traditions that we will be adapting and creating.

We'll be counting down to Christmas this year with our new decorated wooden Advent Calendar, and the Elf on the Shelf will be joining us once again. Of course there will also be plenty of crafting in the run up to Christmas, I've just dug out my box of Christmas crafting materials packed with glitter and sequins!

Decorated wooden Advent calendar from Hobbycraft

When it comes to presents I follow the traditions that I had growing up. For the children, one large present from Mum and Dad, smaller presents in the stockings (including a few staples like a net of chocolate coins and a selection box as well as more quirky gifts - Harry has Star Wars socks and Mia has a pack of children's decorated plasters!) and then family presents under the tree, which have to wait until after breakfast to be opened.

I have lots of happy memories of dark afternoons watching Christmas films, eating chocolates and doing jigsaws. All our jigsaws are either children's ones or my large ones with 1000 pieces, so at the school fete I picked up a lovely 200 piece Solar System jigsaw that I'm hoping we can leave out and work on together over several days.

I've started a few new family traditions too. Along with the Elf on the Shelf, we also make a gingerbread house each year. Last year I made them one each to decorate, and I think we'll do that again to save arguments over sweet placement!

Child decorating a gingerbread house

What are your Christmas traditions? Are they based on ones that you had growing up, or have you started new ones?


  1. Our stockings are a continued tradition from my family but not my husband (hs never even had one!) I introduced christmas Eve boxes 2 years ago and Santa footsteps (talc ;) at fgs same time. Last year in the 23rd we walked around the neighbourhood and id like to do this again. X

    1. I'm not sure that my husband ever had one either! I do like the idea of Christmas Eve boxes, we do have new pyjamas bought by the elf but I think as the children get older I'll extend it a bit to maybe include a DVD and some snacks for a festive evening (at the moment we just pack them off to bed at normal time!). Love the idea of Santa footsteps!


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