Monday 18 April 2016

Harry and the Brighton Mini Mile

After Ram ran the London Marathon last year, Harry showed an interest in running, and so this year Ram signed him up for the Brighton Mini Mile held at Preston Park in Brighton. It tied in with a weekend of running, culminating with the Brighton Marathon, and Harry was really excited to be taking part.

The Brighton Mini Mile race

It was only intended to be a bit of fun for him, so I was quite surprised to find out how competitive the event was. They were given t-shirts and proper running numbers, and they even had a chip for their shoe so that their run could be timed.

Harry did a bit of training in the weeks leading up and so we knew that he would be able to run the mile, but we are also realistic, he's not the most athletic child, and we knew that there would be plenty of children faster than him.

It was pretty obvious from quite early on that he was going to end up near the back, he's only got little legs and he was among the youngest running, but it didn't bother him at all. The track was circular so we were able to zip across and watch him at various points, and he had such a look of determination on his little face as he kept going.

The Brighton Mini Mile race

When he crossed the finish line he was delighted, and so thrilled with his medal and goody bag.

The Brighton Mini Mile race

He ran the mile in 11 minutes 34 seconds, two minutes faster than his previous best time, and we were really proud of him!

You can read Harry's own account of his race on his blog here.

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  1. Aww this is so lovely, he did great :)

    All my 4 children ran when they was little, it is great to get them into running :)


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