Wednesday 27 April 2016

How did you choose your blog name?

I spent a long time thinking about a name for my blog. I knew I wanted to choose a name that would be relevant for a long time, so I decided not to go with 'Mummy' in the name or anything that referred to my children. I  nearly went with 'Sleepless in Sussex' because my parenting years have been very much defined by a complete lack of sleep, but I desperately hoped that one day that blog title would no longer be relevant, and to be fair it's not quite as appropriate as it was five years ago!

I'm not exactly sure how I chose my blog name in the end, I do quite like having my name in the title and I'm pretty pleased with my choice so far. But I love hearing stories about how other bloggers chose their blog names, so I asked around to find out how they were chosen.

How did you choose your blog name?

Lots of bloggers use their names in the titles, Alice from Life as Alice writes about her life and so it was an obvious choice. Some bloggers use a nickname, like Pinkoddy which was based on her Twitter name. Locations are another popular choice for a blog name, like A Bavarian Sojourn which was previously called A Scandinavian Sojourn when written upon embarking on a stint to Denmark. Another travel blog, Mum's Gone To..., started with a series of posts on Mum's Gone to Iceland based on Kerry Katona and the frozen food shop adverts! Trish intended to change when her son left for uni but stuck with it and recently bought the domain name!

A good choice for a blog name is something that interests you, like Cupcake Mumma who was and still is obsessed with cupcakes, or else a favourite song lyric like I'm Counting UFOs from Incubus, Wish You Were Here. Perhaps a book title, like Bug, Bird & Bee which is based on the title of a book from the Eden Project and represents Aly's interests and the direction that her blog is taking.

It seems like most of the people that answered me chose their blog title to represent what they were intending to blog about. Some people chose a blog name that describes exactly what they blog about, like Becky's blogs Thrifty HomeBaby Budgeting and Family Budgeting or All the Camping Gear which was inspired by a comment from blogger Louise's husband on their way to look at tents before they started camping.

Play & Learn Every Day is an accurate description of the play based learning activities covered on the blog and In the Playroom was started while Anna was literally sitting in the playroom, as well as reflecting the content of the blog. Rainy Day Mum was named by Cerys while wondering what to do with her young children on a rainy day and Kiddy Charts was the obvious blog name that worked with what the website was offering.

Family has also been a big influence on bloggers when choosing a name. Louise named her blog
A Strong Coffee after her response to people asking how she coped with three boys under 5 and Actually Mummy started her blog writing in her daughter's voice and so she named it after a phrase that she used to say.

Mum of Three World named her blog very quickly to emphasise that she had three children, with world to sum up that it was about everything relevant to them, and it's still an accurate reflection! Mummy From The Heart was originally called 'My Life' and was intended to be more private, but once more people started reading Michelle had a rethink and chose the new name to suit her writing style and who she was. Mummy Alarm has its name because pregnancy came as a surprise, one second Carolin was just living for the day and the next she was pregnant and expecting a baby!

Finally some bloggers named their blog after asking others - Jen from Smiles & Trials had her husband make the decision and last but not least The Soup Dragon Says was named thanks to help from a group of bloggy friends!

I really enjoyed putting this post together, and reading everyone's answers was fascinating! If you are a blogger, how did you choose your blog name? Would you choose the same name again, or go for something different?

Photo in image by Lauren Mancke via Unsplash.


  1. Thanks for the mention. Blog names really are intriguing, so it's interesting to read more about where they came from. I think on the whole most people have done a good job! Maybe their blog grows into its name, just like children do?

  2. There are some great back stories to blog names. Mich x

  3. That was really interesting and I didn't know that about a lot of those blogs. Thank you for the mention. I think it is important to realise that names stick too. Annie has changed her blog name a few times but will always be Mamasaurus to me, for example.

  4. Thanks for the mention. At the time I hadn't thought how important a blog name was. In hindsight I am glad that mine doesn't tie me down to a certain thing xx

  5. Good post, I just came up with mine late one night whilst brain storming names with himself ..... I am a messy worker & a brunette & it's the initials to my name I discovered later. My sister thinks it sounds like a porn site tho ....!

  6. Fascinating post! I chose mine (the Pigeon Pair and Me) because I had a couple of cards saying 'congratulations on your pigeon pair' after the birth of my daughter. Apparently it means boy and girl siblings - and I started out writing about my children, so the name took.

  7. Mine wasn't planned, I happened to have a domain which my husband and I used for our email and I didn't want to buy a new one in case I didn't continue with blogging. After 9 years it would be hard to move away from it.


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