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Christmas gifts for children who love to travel

As a family we love to travel, and I'd like to think that we manage travelling with children fairly successfully! With Christmas coming up I thought I'd put together a little gift guide of bits and pieces that would be brilliant gifts for any adventurous children that are on your shopping list. They are all things that I've chosen myself, and in most cases they are things that we already own and I can recommend personally. Happy browsing!

Christmas gifts for children who love to travel

Please note that this blog post contains Amazon affiliate links.

For children that want to carry their own essentials

Trunki ride on suitcase - Our children love their Trunkis, and while I don't find them very practical for travelling on a plane (although they are fab for the airport) they are great for when travelling by car and the children love the responsibility of doing their own packing.

Pull along suitcase - A small pull along suitcase is very practical for older children, and I love this one that has a little seat belt on the front for a favourite teddy or doll.

Small rucksack - A small rucksack is perfect for hand luggage on the plane. Choose one with a zip so that you can keep everything safely inside, and small pockets on the outside are handy for frequently required items.

Bum Bag - Maybe not as fashionable as they once were, but a bum bag is brilliant for children to carry a few essentials out with them on a day trip - like some money, a phone or a snack - without having to worry about carrying a larger rucksack. Especially great for theme parks where you don't want to leave a bag in a locker.

Keeping children entertained while on the move

Kids Headphones - If your children will be using tablets or other electronic devices in a public place then you need some headphones. We've been using these ones for a few years now and they work brilliantly.

Pencil and Paper Games book - There are lots of different pen and paper books out there but I particularly love this one as it's a really good mixture of the classics and some new games. The games are played on tear out sheets, and there are plenty of pages. The games are also easy to replicate yourself on some blank paper.

Dobble - Card games are great for travel, and Dobble is particularly good as it appeals to both children and adults.

Travel 4 in a Row - Travel board games can be tricky as they sometimes have lots of small parts which can be difficult to keep track of, especially if you are trying to play in a car or airplane. It's worth looking for magnetic versions, or one like this 4 in a Row game where all the pieces can be kept reasonably contained.

Comfort for children on the go

Travel Pillow - We bought travel pillows for the first time on our most recent holiday and they made a big difference to how well the children slept on the flight. They've also used them in the car and they find them very comfortable. They are a little bulky to carry around, and so we use a carabiner to attach them to a rucksack to make them a little easier to transport.

Snack pots - When travelling with children you definitely need to take lots of snacks, and these screw top snack pots that fit together are perfect for snacks of all sizes.

Eye Mask - Not all children will find an eye mask comfortable, but for an older child who is used to sleeping in the dark this could be a lovely gift to help them sleep while on the move.

Foot Rest Pillow - I came across this while I was browsing and I'll admit that unlike most things on this list it's not something we own or have tried. But it looks like a brilliant way to keep a child comfortable on a flight as it allows them to stretch out their legs, and a small child would probably be able to sleep lying down.


Stocking fillers for travelling children - small yet useful

Small carabiners - These are brilliant for attaching things together so that they don't get lost. I recently used some for attaching neck pillows to rucksacks, they are also great for attaching teddies if they have a label loop, or holding some types of water bottle.

Luggage Tags - Choose something large and colourful, and if you are travelling with more than one child go for ones that can help you to easily identify the different bags.

Zippable plastic wallets - I give each child a small zippable folder to collect leaflets, postcards and other souvenirs. I also use them to corral pens, crayons and scrap paper.

Water Bottle -  If you get a bottle with a hanging loop then they are easy to attach to a rucksack or belt loop with a carabiner. Just make sure that you empty them before going through security at the airport, and then you can refill them on the other side. Great for on a plane so that children can sip during take off and landing, and to keep by the side of the bed to avoid spillage from knocking over a glass.

Books to inspire a love of travel

These books are too bulky to take along with you, but they are brilliant reference books to keep at home and browse when you are planning your travels!

Home decor for travellers

Large World Map - We have a large map poster up on the wall and it's great for helping the children to understand where we are in relation to the rest of the world and to see where we will be travelling.

Scratch World Map - There are various ways that you can track your travels, you could stick a pin in a map or you could try a scratch off world map to mark where you have been.

Illuminated Globe - A globe makes a lovely gift for a child who wants to learn about the world, it's a much better visual reference than a flat map and there are all sorts of different types available to suit the age of your child.

My Little Adventure bedding set - I love this bedding set which is decorated with the countries of the world.


Amazon links are affiliate. Photo credit Annie Spratt via Unsplash

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