Wednesday 4 April 2018

Our third visit to Center Parcs, Erperheide in Belgium

This Easter, we spent a third lovely holiday at Center Parcs, Erperheide. We stayed for a week in the same cottage that we've stayed in twice before, number 514, which is a VIP cottage very close to the swimming pool, Baluba play area and the car park, it's really handy. It's a two bedroom cottage and you can read more about it here - VIP accommodation at Center Parcs, Erperheide.

It had been two years since our last visit as last year we visited Center Parcs, De Vossemeren, so we were eager to see what had changed. One impressive new feature was an old squash court which has been turned into a massive ball pit, lots of fun!

Center Parcs Erperheide giant ball pit

There were also a couple of new elements in the huge Baluba soft play area, which you have entry to as part of your stay. They had fun with this padded spinning wheel, and the 'volcano' in the background which you can climb up and then slide down. I saw a few adults attempting this one as well, it's difficult to resist!

Baluba soft play at Center Parcs Erperheide

When you book a holiday at Center Parcs, Erperheide you receive three Toppings vouchers which you can use towards activities. We used two of the vouchers for an hour bowling and one voucher for the two children to play mini golf. It's a fun little course based around fairy tales (although I must admit that we didn't recognise most of them!) We also took a pedalo trip around the rivers and the children had a short pony ride each. The activities at Erperheide are very reasonably priced so we are happy to pay out, normally we don't pay for activities at Center Parcs as it's too expensive!

Children playing mini golf at Center Parcs

There is a little farm which you can visit and we also found this separate area very close to our cottage where there were some sheep in a little pen. The children loved these sheep, they gave them names and we had to visit them every day.

Looking at the sheep at Center Parcs Erperheide

For the first time we took a drive to the beautiful Duinengordel nature area and spent a couple of hours exploring the dunes and golden sand. You can read more about our trip here - Duinengordel - and if you are in the area I'd really recommend a visit.

Duinengordel dune belt Belgium

If you visit somewhere multiple times it's always nice to have a photo taken in the same space so that you can watch the children grow and this is ours - at the bottom of the slide in the market dome!

Children in a slide at Center Parcs, Erperheide

Here's a little video I made showing some of the fun that we had, as well as a cottage tour and a look around the Market Dome, shop, farm and play areas:

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