Wednesday 18 July 2018

My canal boat fantasy life

We often spend the weekend with Ram's Mum, and the thing that I love about her house is that at the bottom of the garden there is a canal. Even though I'm quite used to it now the novelty still hasn't worn off, and when I hear a boat approaching I'm often rushing to the nearest window to watch it go past. I also love going for a walk along the towpath and trying to peer inside the windows of the boats that are moored alongside.

I like to imagine an alternate fantasy life where I live on a canal boat. It's not a perfect fantasy because I don't fancy the idea of crowded family life on a canal boat so I'm living there on my own, and it's not at all realistic because the thought of piloting my own canal boat terrifies me. I also definitely don't like the idea of navigating the boat through all those locks.

I think that what appeals is the idea of living in a small, cosy space with only the essentials. I imagine going for a morning run along the towpath, sitting out in the evening with a glass of wine and a book, nodding to passers by, and being gently rocked to sleep at night. I've always been fascinated with the idea of small space living, probably fuelled by Pinterest and various interiors magazines. I also love following Cruising the Cut on YouTube and learning a bit more about daily life on a canal boat.

The truth is that it's a fantasy that I don't really want to become a reality. Although I do strive to be a minimalist, I'm also a sentimental hoarder, and I'd much rather be living in a house with my family than on my own in a small space. But it's nice to dream sometimes!

Canal boat at the bottom of the garden

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