Monday 9 July 2018

Things that I do differently during a heat wave

At the time of writing we are enjoying the longest heatwave that I can remember. It hasn't rained for weeks, and although a few days have been greyer than others, on the whole the weather has been glorious. The novelty isn't wearing off in the slightest, and I'm hoping that it continues for a while yet! It made me think about all the things that I do differently during a spell of nice weather...

* Wear shorts. Normally shorts are reserved for holidays only, when I won't see anyone that I know apart from immediate family. However for the last few weeks I've been living in them, both around the house and out and about.

* Wear dresses. Again, usually my legs are kept hidden away, even during the summer, with dresses reserved for weddings and other special occasions. But all of my dresses have been out over the last few weeks, along with the sandals, and I've really enjoyed wearing them.

* Wash the cars. In the past it's been a once yearly event, over the last month I've been washing them every week! It's much quicker to clean them when they aren't filthy, and it's lovely and refreshing when I get splashed with the hose!

* Drink alcohol in the evenings at home. We never drink at home, only when we are out and about. But with our new firepit we've been sitting outside together in the evenings and indulging in a can or two of gin in a tin, or some Pimms.

* Let the children stay up later. It's such a shame to miss out on the lovely warm, sunny evenings.

* Stop exercising. I can't face going out for a run in the heat!

* Eat outside. So nice to be able to sit in the garden with our food, and it seems to make less mess to clear up as well.

* Eat ice cream. I'm not normally a fan of ice cream - when I indulge I go for cake and biscuits. But I'm gradually working my way through the different flavours of Ben and Jerry's!

* Make lots of plans for outdoor activities over the school summer holidays. I've forgotten that the British weather is normally too unpredictable to make firm plans that involve being outside!

* Constantly check the real time lightning map. I'm sure that there must be a big storm on the way soon!

Garden furniture in the sun shine

What do you do differently when we are enjoying such wonderful weather?

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  1. Ahh! It has been nice but the heat got to me over the weekend. There was just no air. Today seems a little cooler. Phew! My girls are playing outside most evenings and are eating out there too. They are loving it. I hope the sunshine does stick around for the summer holidays x


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