Saturday 22 December 2018

The benefits of doing jigsaw puzzles

In the run up to Christmas this year I've really been enjoying my festive jigsaw puzzles. I've got quite a collection now, and I start them as soon as I can in November to make sure that I get them all finished. With a couple of new additions this year I must confess that I've only managed to complete five of the six - I'll need to start even earlier next year!

Doing a Christmas jigsaw

So I thought I'd share some of the reasons that I like to have a jigsaw puzzle on the go, and if you aren't a puzzler maybe it will inspire you to have a go!

* It's something to work on when you have a few minutes spare. Much better for the brain than scrolling on the phone!

* When working on a jigsaw for a longer period it's the perfect opportunity to let your mind wander. Sometimes I keep a notebook by my side to jot down any ideas that occur to me, whether it's blog posts, craft projects I want to try or other things that I need to do.

* It also helps me to switch off and relax, a bit like meditation. I find that I can get completely absorbed, and when I drag myself away to get on with something else I really feel like I've had a break and a rest.

* It's sociable - you can work on a jigsaw with other people, while talking to others, or while sitting with other people that are enjoying their own hobbies.

* Doing a jigsaw exercises both the left and right sides of the brain, as it's a mixture of logical and creative skills. So it can improve your problem solving skills. It's also working your memory, as you have to remember where you might have seen a certain piece, or what a part of the picture looks like while you hunt for the pieces that you need.

* It should also help improve your spacial awareness skills which could have a knock on affect in other areas of your life (hopefully like parking the car!)

* It's a complete break from the screen, as there's no excuse for picking up the phone. I try to put my phone in another room so that I'm not distracted by any notifications.

* You get a great sense of accomplishment when the puzzle finished. I leave a completed jigsaw out for a day or two to admire it, and often share a picture on social media!

If you don't have any jigsaw puzzles around in the house there are plenty of free websites that let you complete virtual jigsaw puzzles in a variety of different sizes and shapes - just do a quick search and find one with pictures that you like! I'd recommend giving it a go if you are looking for a new hobby!

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  1. I love doing jigsaws too, I always have one on the go. They are good for swapping with other people so increase your social life too.


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