Friday 7 December 2018

Christmas gifts that children can make with Twinkl

I love encouraging the children to make homemade gifts for friends and family, and today I'm sharing some fab resources from Twinkl to help your children do just that. There's a huge range of printables that can be customised by children to make a gift by themselves, as well as instruction sheets that children can use to put together the perfect gift.

These resources are all available as part of a Twinkl subscription - visit the Twinkl website to find out more and to see the latest subscription packages.

For parents

I love this Christmas Voucher Gift Book. It contains individual vouchers which can be printed and stapled together to form a book of coupons which parents can exchange for various things like a foot massage, a hug or an hour of uninterrupted 'you time'. You can also print customised vouchers with your own ideas, I'd love to see what my children came up with as treats for me!

I would also like to receive this Christmas Cookie Mix in a Jar which contains the dry ingredients for making a batch of cookies along with a printable recipe card with full instructions. With a bit of help children can practice their measuring skills by filling the jars, and then the jar can be decorated using stickers or chalk pens and tied with ribbon.

Lots of chocolate chip cookies
Image credit Erol Ahmed via Unsplash 

For Grandparents

These Woven Paper Hearts take a bit of practice to make, but once you have the knack they don't take long at all and you can experiment with your own designs and colour combinations. Start by printing the simple template to practice, then use it to cut out your own coloured or patterned paper. Once assembled the hearts can either be used to hold sweets, or hung up as reusable decorations for the Christmas tree. Making smaller ones is a great way to use up colourful scraps of paper, or you could reuse old wrapping paper or coloured envelopes from Christmas cards.

Woven paper hearts using a template from Twinkl

These simple Christmas Candle Holders make a lovely gift and could be personalised with the name of the child and the year. As an extra gift you could buy a pack of seasonally scented tea lights to go inside.

And another jam jar craft - these Christmas Plants in Jars are very sweet and should be easy to look after indoors.

Plant in a jar gift from Twinkl
Image credit Twinkl

For siblings

Slightly older children might enjoy sewing and decorating some Felt Stocking Christmas Craft which can be filled with sweets or a small toy. They can be personalised with the recipients name, and are reusable too.

Felt stocking craft from Twinkl
Image credit Twinkl

These Santa Gift Box Christmas Decoration can be printed in full colour and just need to be assembled with a little bit of parental help. They would make a lovely gift filled with sweets, and are a lovely Christmas decoration too. You can also print penguin and gingerbread man themed boxes.

For a friend

The slime craze shows no sign of dwindling, and I think most children would be delighted with a batch of Christmas Tree Slime. In fact the giver will probably have just as much fun making up the slime for a friend, using just a few basic ingredients.

Another lovely gift for a friend is a Christmas Basket which you can print out, colour in and fill with sweets.

Twinkl printable gift basket to colour

For a teacher

Teachers definitely deserve a gift at Christmas, and Twinkl has plenty of ideas. I love this Flower Pot Teacher Gift with a label that you can print to thank your teacher for all their hard work.

Or else you could help children put together a simple Teacher Relaxation Kit which comes with a list of ideas for things to include, and a label that you can print to remind your teacher to relax over the school holiday.

Box of chocolates
Image credit Monique Carrati via Unsplash

Finally, a lovely way to present any gift is with some Christmas Gift Tags that can be coloured in and personalised.

Twinkl also have lots of great Christmas decorations that you can print. I shared some last year in this post - Decorating your home for Christmas with Twinkl.

I have been provided with a Twinkl Platinum membership in exchange for sharing the resources on my blog and social media.

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