Tuesday 9 June 2020

Things I'll miss about lockdown as things start to re-open

Although as a family we are still choosing to spend most of our time at home, gradually the country is starting to re-open, and hopefully this will continue in a safe manner. Of course it's debatable as to whether we ever actually experienced a real lockdown, it certainly wasn't as strict as in many other countries. But we did have many disappointments with cancelled activities, and my anxiety has quite often been through the roof. However we stuck to the rules and in the end, for us as a family at least, it hasn't been too bad.

Rainbow in the window for coronavirus lockdown

As life hopefully begins to return to normal, here are some of the things that I'll miss from the last few months:

The quiet roads. We go out most days for our daily exercise and it was so lovely to be able to run along deserted pavements, with the option to run out into the empty road to avoid someone coming in the opposite direction. We have been out on our bikes for the first time in ages, with our on-road confidence boosted by the lack of traffic.

The extra hours that I've had in my day. My children go to school in the next town, and although my husband often helps with the drop off on his way to work, there are many days when I can easily spend two to two and a half hours in the car. I've really noticed that extra time in my day.

Spending time with my children during their happier periods of the day, not just when they are home from school, tired and grumpy.

I'll miss having the children around. It is hard work of course, and I seem to be constantly preparing food and clearing up after them, but it has been lovely to have us all at home together.

Helping the children with their school work. It has been hard at times I'll admit. They are kept busy with plenty to do, and my heart sinks in particular when I see the maths tasks come in. But it's been lovely to have a little bit of an insight into what they have been studying, and I've learned things about the children too. For example Harry doesn't like open-ended questions that require him to give his personal opinion on things, and Mia gets frustrated very quickly when she doesn't understand a concept.

The lack of laundry. I'm down by at least three loads per week - the white wash for shirts and the uniform and PE kit washes. Now there are lots of days where I don't have any washing to do!

The last few months have been really surreal, and although sometimes the days have felt slow, time really does seem to have passed very quickly. I am nervous about what happens next, and I know that life won't like it used to be for a long time yet, if ever. I think in a few months I might be looking back fondly at this enforced period of isolation.


  1. I think more people are surprised by how much they'll miss elements of lockdown! I miss the peace already it's got much noiser where we live in a few weeks. I don't miss the school run and I'm saving money not going pass the shops every day!

    1. We have saved so much money it's amazing! Although I think we are spending more on food, and definitely more on snacks!


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