Wednesday 14 April 2021

Introducing a new Roblox based YouTube channel for children

Today I wanted to introduce you to Mia and her friends' new YouTube channel. I appreciate that it probably won't appeal directly to many of my readers, but as a parenting blogger I'm hoping that some of you might have a child that enjoys playing games like Roblox, and might like to take a look.

The channel is called The Cosy Crew and is the work of Mia along with two of her friends. They all create and upload videos, sometimes as a group and sometimes individually. They are much better at posting to their channel than I am to mine! It's become a real creative outlet for them, and they've all learned how to edit the videos, record their voices and add music. Obviously they have me to supervise and I'm keeping an eye on it, for example I've made sure that comments are turned off!

I love how they have taken note of which Roblox videos are popular, and they've focussed on quickly creating new videos to help other people, like this one showing all the Easter egg locations in a recent update, along with reviewing any updates to the game. 

Here is what Mia has to say about their channel: 

Hi, we're The Cosy Crew! We do videos on Roblox playing some of our favourite games- Royale High, Club Roblox, Adopt Me and loads more! We also do videos on other games such as Minecraft and Among Us! We love to do role play and play music for our band.

Roblox YouTube channel The Cosy Crew

So if you have children in your family that you think might enjoy this channel, I would love for you to let them know about The Cosy Crew

The Cosy Crew Roblox YouTube channel

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  1. Ahh! I will tell my youngest. She is crazy about Roblox. Good luck to Mia and her friends x


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