Monday 26 April 2021

The first of the spring planting

It's still pretty chilly outside, but I've really been enjoying the sunshine over the last week or so. We've bought some lovely new lounger chairs for the garden and we've been soaking up the sun, even if I sometimes need to add a blanket to keep the wind off!

I've also been making a start on my planting for the garden this summer. I don't have many pots or much space indoors so I tend to plant out my seeds in stages. 

In terms of vegetables I've only planted tomatoes so far. Last year all my lovingly cared for cucumbers and courgettes died as soon as I put them outside, even though they were much bigger and the weather was much warmer. I always do well with tomatoes though so I'm confident about these, I've got twelve plants in pots which are from several different varieties. Some will go directly into the vegetable patch and some will stay in pots around the edge. 

I also have some spinach and carrots which I'll sow directly outside when it gets a bit warmer. 

Small tomato plants in pots on windowsill

I've started sowing seeds for some bedding plants, in particular marigolds as I want to grow lots on the planter that I'm making from a pallet. I've been saving tin cans for several months now so when they are a bit bigger I'll be putting them out into individual cans, but I don't have the space to keep them indoors in cans at the moment! I've planted some other flower seeds too but I can't remember what they are as I didn't label them so it will be a nice surprise to see what pops up.

I'm growing some sunflowers in pots because they always seem to do well here, I'll put some in the vegetable patch and some in a small flower bed at the bottom of our garden where there is a trellis to attach them to.

Small seedlings in trays on windowsill

My sweet peas are the only plants that I've been brave enough to put outside yet. They've been out for a couple of weeks and they haven't died yet so I'm hoping they will be okay now. Last year my sweet peas all ended up in a bit of a tangled mess, so I don't have as many planted this year and I'm trying to train them to run neatly up the poles. 

I have some strawberries outside as well, last year I successfully managed to grow lots of new plants from runners and they all unexpectedly survived the winter so I've now got four large planters full. Hopefully I'll have some yummy strawberries before long!

Small sweet pea seedlings planted against canes in vegetable patch

I'm looking forward to watching my garden grow over the summer, fingers crossed for plenty of warmth and sunshine!


  1. It sounds like your growing is going well.
    I have tomatoes, mint, strawberries and sunflowers on the kitchen window and pumpkins and cucumbers in the garage and they're all growing well.
    Good luck x

  2. Goodluck with the growing Jennifer! I have some seedlings appearing too which is exciting but like haven't braved moving much out its very cold in Kent still at night. I never manage well with my toms I'm hoping this year is my year I usually buy them already well grown!


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