Thursday 23 December 2021

Things to consider when renting a property abroad

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If you are moving abroad for work or pleasure, you may have already considered renting somewhere to live. This can be easier than buying a property when you first arrive in a country because it will give you time to check out the local area and make sure you like the country you have moved to before you put down roots. Although renting is a more transitional process, there are still some things to consider when renting a property abroad. Below we look at some of the most important points.

Speak to your employer

If the company that you work for are moving you overseas, speak to them about the relocation package they are offering you. Some companies will provide accommodations for you for the first few weeks or months, and this will give you time to settle into a new country before you have to start looking for a place of your own.

Make sure you are allowed to rent

Some locations may have restrictions about the rentals available if you are relocating for work. It may be that you are restricted to certain areas, or the length of your tenancy may be limited. Check these things before you agree to rent. Although many property owners might be happy to rent to you, make sure you don’t fall foul of the local authorities when you move in. 

Go through a reputable company

There are millions of rental companies all over the world and some are more reputable than others. Make sure the company you use has a fantastic reputation by asking other ex-pats or researching online. For example, if you are looking for a house for rent Sungai Petani then PropertyGuru has a great reputation in the South-East Asian region. They have the largest online property database in this part of the world and can put you in touch with some expert agents. 


If you have some time to find your feet before renting a property, then spend it scouting for your perfect location. It might be that you want to live in the middle of the city or adjacent to your office block but if you want to get away from the hustle and bustle once you leave work then it might be worth looking further afield. 

Another consideration is what the neighbourhoods are like. It will take you a while to get to know areas by reputation, but you can usually see when you are walking and driving around if you are in a nice or a nasty neighbourhood.

Type of property

Consider the type of property you want to rent. You may be used to a lot of space at home, for example, but if you are going to your new location alone, then a smaller property or apartment might suit you better. If you are going to spend a lot of time in your neighbourhood, it might be worth considering what amenities you want to have nearby. You may need a gym and a pool in your apartment block, or you may be happy to find these facilities further afield. 

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Don’t be afraid to shop around. If the first thing you see doesn’t suit you, then carry on looking. You may only be in the country for a short period of time, but you still have to be happy with the property you are living in. After all, you may decide to stay in the location for longer than you had originally planned, and you may not want the hassle of moving again.


Factor in all the costs associated with renting your new home and make sure you understand them. You may pay one price to rent a property, but does that include all the taxes and insurances you need to pay? Currency exchange rates can change frequently, and this means that the amount you will pay for your rental in US dollars will fluctuate. Don’t rent for the most money you can afford to pay. Factor in a margin and you will be more certain that you can afford your new home if the currency rates change suddenly.

Check the paperwork

Don’t sign on the dotted line until you are sure that you understand what is written on it. Hire a translator to go through the forms word by word to make sure that you are not signing any clauses you were unaware of. A translator will charge you a little to help you to complete your rental agreement, but this could save you a fortune in the long run if you inadvertently breach it and the property owners decide to sue.

Consider these factors when you are renting a property abroad to make sure that you have a happy and stress-free stay. 

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