Wednesday 29 December 2021

My crafting goals for 2022

My crafting goals for 2022

When the New Year comes along I love to set myself goals. I have a few personal goals in mind which I won't be posting about yet, but here I'm going to share some of the crafting goals that I am thinking about for 2022 - long term craft projects that I will continue to work on, and new things that I want to have a go at. 

My long term projects

I'm currently working on two long term crafting projects. They are both cross stitch maps - one is a kit based on a vintage map design and the other is a cross stitch map that you stitch as you travel. Even with the best will in the world neither will be finished this year, but it would be good to make some decent progress on them. In particular my cross stitch travel map is now looking really good, it would be great if I could finish off some more of the blue areas and block out all the sections for new pictures.

Cross stitch travel map in progress

Festive crafting

I never seem to get as much crafting done over Christmas as I expect, with the result that I have a few Christmas themed crafting projects left to work on. I think that it's because I feel odd working on Christmas crafts until the time when I'm too busy to do them anyway. Last year I bought some Christmas fabric using a Hobbycraft voucher which I want to do something with, and I also have a few small cross stitch pieces to complete. 

New projects to begin

I have a big collection of mini Hama beads which I would like to get out again. I have a few ideas, maybe something like my tiled Russian doll picture with lots of colours. 

Mini Hama beads tiled Russian doll picture

I'd also like to get out my paints again. I enjoy painting because it's a really relaxing craft, and I especially like working with beach and sea related themes. I recently did a quick painting of the sea using acrylics. Maybe I could paint shells and practise painting a pebbly beach. If I got really ambitious I could even try some little canvases and maybe stick some actual shells or sand on to them, I've seen something similar at a friend's house!

Simple acrylic beach painting

Finally I definitely want to get my sewing machine out again. In particular I want to make some bunting, it's so quick and easy and I have some lovely fabric to use. I like decorating my garden vegetable patch with colourful bunting and I could make some for my study and bookshelves as well.

I think that I've got plenty to keep me busy over the year!

Main image credit Mel Poole via Unsplash

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  1. It sounds like you have some great plans for the new year. I am determined to get my cross stitches finished that I have been planning to get finished from this time last year. lol x


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