Monday 6 December 2021

Christmas themed cross stitch kits inspiration

I love having a large cross stitch project to work on. I usually spend several years working on a single kit at a time, picking it up when I'm in the mood. I always seem to increase my crafting productivity over Christmas and the winter, when it's so nice to sit and stitch curled up under a blanket with something festive on the television. I also like Christmas themed cross stitch, as it makes a lovely decoration that can be brought out year after year. Christmas cross stitch is also often embellished with metallic thread and beads for an extra bit of festive sparkle!

A couple of years ago I completed a Christmas cross stitch sampler which I am very proud of and which is on display in our hallway along with other Christmas decorations. 

Christmas ABC sampler completed

As always this year I have a longer non-festive cross stitch project on the go, but I also picked up these brilliant value mini Christmas cross stitch kits from Hobbycraft which are always temptingly displayed by the till, usually on a three for two offer. They make a great portable craft project for when we visit family over Christmas.

Mini cross stitch kits from Hobbycraft

Even though I'm pretty well sorted with enough cross stitch to keep me going for now I couldn't resist having a browse for another large Christmas themed cross stitch kit to start working on, and I thought that I'd share some of the gorgeous kits that I've found in case you are looking for some Christmas cross stitching inspiration! I've grouped them by theme so there is something to suit everyone from beginners to more advanced stitchers, and whether you are looking for a quick or long term project.

Finally I can't miss the chance to do a quick plug for my very own mini Christmas cross stitch designs which are perfect for an Advent project, Christmas cards or any other craft project which needs a tiny little stitched embellishment. 

Large Christmas themed sampler style kits

When it comes to choosing a cross stitch design I'm always drawn to samplers. I love having separate elements that can be worked on one at a time, and although they can be large they are generally fairly easy to complete without too much colour changing or confetti stitches. 

Large Christmas themed pictures

A large Christmas themed cross stitch picture can be complex but also very satisfying to look at. I'd love to complete something like this that can be displayed over Christmas with the other decorations.

Small Christmas cross stitch kits for card making

Smaller Christmas themed kits, like the Hobbycraft ones that I mentioned above, are great for making personal Christmas cards. I've been lucky enough to receive a couple of handmade cards over the years and I always keep them to bring out year after year! I'm collecting together a few smaller pictures that I've worked on over the years and at some point I'm intending to back them all with some Christmas fabric to create some kind of festive hanging cross stitch decoration.

Beginner Christmas cross stitch kits

Even the simplest cross stitch kits can make lovely decorations and gifts. Beginner kits often have the colours printed on the fabric so you don't need to worry about counting the stitches. This makes them a great project if you are new to cross stitch, or for children to work on.

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