Monday 20 December 2021

Last minute Christmas crafts for children

Last minute Christmas crafts for children

It's not long now until the big day! But these last few days of Christmas school holiday before actual Christmas can be tricky to fill when you are trying to keep over excited young children happy as well as getting on with everything that needs to be done. So today I'm sharing some of my favourite last minute Christmas craft ideas

Most of them are simple enough for children to work on by themselves using bits and pieces from the craft box, and they will produce some gorgeous decorations that can be enjoyed for years to come.

Click on the links to find the full tutorial, and happy festive crafting!

Pipe cleaner snowflake ornaments

All you need are some pipe cleaners and beads, this one is great for fine motor skills with little ones, just make sure that they are fully supervised.

Simple pipe cleaner Christmas ornaments craft

Salt dough Christmas hanging decorations

Salt dough does admittedly require a little more effort, but the finished results are definitely worth it and salt dough ornaments will last for years.

Salt dough Christmas hanging ornaments

Glitter and button Christmas tree decorations

These simple Christmas tree ornaments made using glitter card are super simple to make and look very festive when lit up with sparkly fairy lights. You can also pop a battery powered tea light inside so that light shines out through holes punched in the card.

Glitter card and button Christmas tree decorations

Lollipop stick and button snowflakes

Another way to repurpose some of those old buttons in the button tin with a simple snowflake made from lollipop sticks.

Lollipop stick and button Christmas ornaments

Hama bead mini Christmas wreath ornaments

I couldn't put together a list of Christmas crafts without including Hama beads! These little Hama bead wreaths use the small circle pegboard and can be left empty or backed with a Christmas picture or a small picture of a child or pet. And if your children love crafting with Hama beads then take a look at some more of my Hama bead Christmas crafts for children.

Hama bead mini Christmas wreath ornaments

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