Tuesday 8 March 2022

Four reasons Singapore is a great place to live

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People worldwide are often searching for a great place to live. The unfortunate truth is that such areas are few and far between. 

Prepared to travel great distances to seek a more enriching and cost-effective lifestyle, such travellers will often find themselves in western countries. However, the east has plenty to offer, too, especially when it comes to territories like Singapore. 

Despite its smaller size, Singapore is a thriving epicentre of exciting lifestyle prospects and cross-cultural offerings. It’s not just about fun and games, either, as the infrastructure and property markets here are favourable too. Keep reading below to find four reasons that explain why Singapore is a great place to live. 

Promising Housing Arrangements

Securing a property can be difficult in many territories. Affordability is a point of great concern, with few opportunities to save money during the move. 

There are plenty of moments in Singapore where residents can save on mortgage deals. Refinancing options are widely available and accessible. Companies like PropertyGuru track their savings, browse the latest and best rates from all major Singapore banks, and provide users with non-biased advice that serves their best interests. The experts here provide an extra level of care in all that they do. 

Of course, property markets elsewhere can be filled with professionals who are largely self-serving. The opportunity to afford a home is often a pipedream for many, too. In Singapore, those hoping to get on the property ladder, and stay on it, are actively supported at every stage of their homeownership journey. Without such worries hanging over their head, their quality of life will surely experience a big boost. 

Singapore skyline
Photo credit David Kubovsky via Unsplash

Cultural Offerings

Many people prefer to live in stimulating areas. Singapore is one such place that perfectly fulfils those needs. 

Thanks to Singapore’s more compact size, there are many things to see and do as a resident. Moreover, the area is an amalgamation of various other contemporary cultures, boasting offerings from each. East meets west here in a perfect blend, allowing residents to enjoy the best of both worlds in a peace loving area that’s free of geopolitical tensions. 

The nightlife scene is as vibrant as any other in the world. Singapore’s myriad of hawker centres serves local cuisines and exquisite dishes from around the world as well. The National Gallery Singapore is also open to visitors as well as lush botanic gardens that are ripe for exploration. 

Consider how fortunate it is to have such an array of offerings close by. After all, many people often need to make key compromises for the sake of owning property or living in an area for a job. Some aspects of good living will nearly always be lacking. There is always a way to make the most of life in Singapore, irrespective of interests and personality types. 

Affordable Healthcare

Everyone has a different definition of what constitutes a ‘nice place’ to live. Some prospective homeowners may have more shallow aspirations, but countries that prioritize their citizens' health and well-being are always among the most wonderful places to dwell.  

Fortunately, Singapore’s healthcare system is among the best the world has to offer. Much of the basic treatment citizens receive is free, or the costs are at least heavily controlled for better affordability. Of course, this means that citizens have a better quality of life, worrying less about the wellbeing of themselves and their loved ones. 

Good healthcare is also a good indicator of an empathetic culture beating at the heart of the area. It shows that leaders invest money into the areas of society that matter most, led by stronger ethics and morals than elsewhere. Even if a person seldom uses the healthcare system, knowing it is there can be a comfort on its own. It is a measure of equality, which should count for a great deal among the masses. 

Education Opportunities 

Of course, an efficient healthcare system is not possible unless a talented workforce keeps things operational. Education in Singapore plays an enormous role in making that happen. 

Singapore’s Ministry of Education is committed to all things learning, and long has been. The students here constantly achieve incredible results, entering the world of work confident, skilled, and ambitious. Living in such an environment would undoubtedly be an inspiring thing and perhaps even motivate older generations to be more aspirational and revisit their education in later life. 

While one can enrich their own prospects with education at any stage in their life, the obvious appeal here is how people benefit should they decide to raise a family in Singapore. Knowing that their children’s future is in safe hands is a blessing, especially when they are guided on to such extraordinary levels of greatness. 

Ultimately, there are resources in Singapore to ensure that everyone realizes their full potential. The future here is more consistently bright than it is elsewhere, and there are plenty of reasons for residents to be endlessly optimistic, leading to more fulfilling lifestyle choices being made. 

Singapore Merlion and city
Photo credit Jisun Han via Unsplash

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