Monday 21 March 2022

Using my leftover diamond drills and dots for some Easter Egg crafts

I love diamond painting, it's a really relaxing and satisfying craft and I'm very proud of my completed projects. But once you have finished a piece you can end up with lots of leftover drills and dots, and after finishing a few kits the amount of tiny coloured pieces of plastic can be overwhelming! I hate the idea of just throwing them away, so for a little while now I've been trying to think of crafts that I can do using these leftover pieces. A little while ago the children and I made some simple pictures using leftover diamond painting drills, and with Easter approaching I decided to use a similar method to create some hanging Easter egg decorations.

Leftover diamond painting supplies drills craft

I was originally going to use the spare diamond drills to cover some simple wooden Easter shapes, but to keep in the spirit of working through my craft stash I cut out some Easter Egg templates from white poster board and gave them a quick coat of pale yellow acrylic paint, punching a hole in the top for hanging. I used a pencil to make some simple outlines to help guide the placement of the the drills.

Simple Easter craft shapes for decorating

To stick the drills to the egg shapes I covered them with a thick layer of white PVA glue. You can also use double sided tape. I found that a thick layer of glue was needed to make sure that the drills stuck firmly and it also helps if you need to reposition the drills as it will stay wet for longer.

Easter egg craft with leftover diamond painting drills

I chose diamond painting drills from my stash in pastel colours that went well together. The striped eggs are a great way to use up small quantities of dots, and for the background of the spotty eggs I mixed in the colours that I had in smaller amounts. Then I found some coloured twine to thread through the hole for hanging.

Hanging Easter egg ornaments with spare diamond painting drills

Here you can see them sparkling in the early spring sunshine! I'm planning to hang them on my homemade Easter tree for some fun seasonal decoration.

Crafts with leftover diamond painting drills and dots

If you are looking for some more ideas to use up leftover dots and drills then you might also like these pictures using leftover diamond painting pieces. They are very simple to make and are a great craft for young children. We used them as greeting cards for friends!

Diamond painting leftover pieces craft for children

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  1. Ahh! These are really pretty and a great way to use up the extra diamonds.


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