Monday 28 March 2022

Hama bead and cross stitch Easter egg designs

Today I am sharing some Easter egg designs which are perfect to use with Hama beads, or else they would also work really well for any cross stitch or other pixel art crafts.

These designs can be made using a square Hama bead pegboard, which most Hama bead crafters will have in their collection as it is easily available and comes with many Hama bead sets. They are a good way to make Easter egg designs if you don't have the specially shaped Easter egg pegboard (affiliate link).

To make my designs I used beads from a pastel mix of beads. I have used a slightly darker shade for the pattern so that the colours will show up well when printed. You need beads in pastel pink, blue, green, yellow and purple. But of course you can always mix and match with whatever coloured beads you have available.

The designs would also look good made up with the tiny mini Hama beads. You can see some of my mini Hama bead Easter eggs here where I have used a darker colour palette and used them to decorate some Easter nest cakes.

Hama bead and cross stitch Easter egg designs and patterns

To make the designs you just need to lay the beads out on the pegboard before covering with ironing paper and ironing so that the beads fuse together. If you are new to Hama beads then you might find this post helpful - Ironing tips for Hama beads.

These Hama bead Easter eggs can be used for a range of crafts and I have a few ideas in mind which I will be sharing here shortly!

Hama bead Easter egg designs

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