Monday 7 March 2022

Map and travel themed cross stitch kit inspiration

I love a map. I have a huge map poster in my study and I can spend ages studying it and dreaming about the places around the world that I would like to visit. And I also love cross stitch, so I thought I would share a few cross stitch kits which are inspired by maps and a love of travel!

I use a cross stitch map to track my travels. I stitch over a country when I have visited it, and I'm in the process of filling in the white areas with small pictures that represent places that I've travelled to. It sits above my desk and it's nice to have my travel memories close by.

Suck UK cross stitch map in progress

I'm also working on the Olde World Map cross stitch by Janlynn which is definitely going to be a long term project. It's very detailed with an extremely complicated border! When I was looking it up on Amazon I found lots of cheap copies which is a real shame, I think it's definitely worth looking for the original to make sure that you get a good quality kit.

Olde World Map cross stitch kit in progress

Finally while I was browsing on Amazon I spotted a book which is full of lovely little travel motifs that I think would be great for some of the spaces that I have left in my travel map. I couldn't resist and so I treated myself to a second hand copy, of which there are plenty available online. Perhaps it will give me the push I need to finally get the project finished!

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