Wednesday 9 March 2022

Review - The Gravity Mechanics Vertical Motor from Geomag

I was sent this product in exchange for a review.

The Geomag Mechanics line is a construction system that is based around gravity, using the weight of the Geomag spheres to kickstart the mechanisms and movements of the system without the need for electricity or batteries. I was sent the Mechanics Gravity Vertical Motor set to try, a set which is designed for older children aged 8+ and is a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) toy that can stimulate scientific learning.

Geomag Mechanics vertical motor construction toy review

This set forms part of the Gravity Mechanics line, which currently contains four different sets. Each set is a complete kit and the kits can be combined to create larger designs or to try out your own constructions. The Gravity Elevator Vertical Motor set contains 183 pieces which are made from 90% recycled plastic.

Geomag Mechanics vertical motor construction toy review

There is a detailed instruction booklet to follow and the pieces fit together quite easily. Harry had no trouble with the assembly but when I had a go I did find it a little tricky, perhaps I don't think I have the right sort of mind for these construction sets! The pieces slot together firmly in place but can be easily dismantled or repositioned. 

There are quite a few pieces left over which are needed if you are connecting several sets together or can be used to build your own constructions.

Geomag Mechanics vertical motor construction toy review

When assembled, you load the spheres into the carrier and spin the rotating part at the top. The balls travel down the never ending spiral and onto a small track at the bottom where they are collected in a pen ready to reload at the top. 

Geomag gravity mechanics vertical motor set assembled

When you have finished playing the set is easy to take apart and store in the box. 

This is a fun set which will appeal to any child that enjoys construction sets and finding out how things work. 

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  1. We really rate the Geomag sets here. My youngest has a couple and loves them. This looks like a fantastic set. x


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