Thursday 7 July 2022

Things that I have in my craft stash

Over the last few weeks I've been making a real effort to craft only using items from my stash. Like most crafters I have a rather large stash. Over the years I've collected lots of things, some from my own shopping but also many things that have been passed on to me or that I've received as part of blog collaborations. 

These are the things that I have most of:

Felt - I have a massive plastic drawer full of felt in a huge range of colours. My felt projects are small so I don't get through it very quickly. But I love working with felt and I have lots of ideas for things to make!

Scraps of coloured felt from stash

Fabric - I have another massive plastic drawer packed with fabric. I've been writing recently about some of the things that I've made with my fabric stash. It doesn't feel like I've made much of a dent though! I have a few larger pieces but mainly smaller cuts which would be great for patchwork.

Buttons - Many of these came from a collaboration that I did with a button company a few years ago, although I also save buttons that come as spares with clothes. Most of them are in lovely bright colours and I have some really pretty ones. They are sorted in plastic pots by colour and in a gorgeous button tin that I bought years ago (which also came full of buttons).

Button stash

Beads - I've always collected beads and I've had a few happy shopping trips to the bead shop in Brighton. I was recently lucky enough to be given a box of beads along with a book on beading and I'm definitely inspired to get on and make something. I love wearing bracelets but I always forget to put one on, so I quite fancy having a go at making a few, I definitely have everything that I need.

Ribbon - I save any ribbon that I encounter, from hanging loops in clothes to ribbon from fancy boxes of chocolate. I also have some from ribbon blog collaborations and a few reels that I've bought for various projects. 

Ribbon stash in box

Embroidery thread - I have masses of embroidery thread in every colour that you can think of. I have very rarely bought it, most of it I have been given or it is leftover from various embroidery and cross stitch kits. This part of my stash is brilliant because I can always find exactly the colour of thread that I need for any project!

Hama beads - I have so many Hama beads and pegboards, both the mini and the midi sizes. I need to work on some more mini Hama bead projects because I really love how they look.

In addition I also have lots of crafty bits and pieces that I don't consider to be part of my stash. I have paints, pens, pencils, coloured paper and card. I also have my in progress cross stitch projects - two large and a few smaller ones. Finally there are the craft books - but not too many and I love browsing through them for inspiration.

In many ways it is great having such a large and varied stash, because it means that I usually have something on hand when I'm looking. It also inspires me when I hunt through my stash. But I definitely need to challenge myself to complete some projects by working through what I have.

Do you have a craft stash?

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