Tuesday 9 August 2022

Getting back out on roller skates

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On our recent cruise holiday one of the activities on board was roller skating, and I was very keen! It had been a long time since I put on a pair of roller skates, but I loved mine when I was younger. I used to spend hours going up and down the road both by myself and with friends. 

We all enjoyed the roller skating on the cruise and I was surprised by how well I picked it up again. Mia also really enjoyed it. It took her a little while to pick up the knack but she was soon skating really well and was desperate to have some roller skates of her own. And at the same time I was thinking that I quite fancied having a pair too!

So we got home and treated ourselves to a pair of skates each. We bought these ones - United Skates Vibe Camo skates in pink and blue (affiliate link) and have been very pleased with them. I chose a larger size for Mia so that she doesn't grow out of them too soon and they have been a great fit. They are comfortable to wear and sturdy, and it looks as though it will be easy to replace the stoppers and wheels if they start to wear down.

Two pairs of feet in roller skates

We are lucky to live in a quiet cul-de-sac so Mia has been out most days by herself perfecting her technique and she's coming on brilliantly. I've also been out with her quite a few times and we've been having a great time skating around all the local streets. I've passed lots of ladies my age while out and about, some of whom I know from various child related things, and I like to think that they are looking enviously at me as I wobble past. Or more likely they are just amused!

Girl on roller skates skating past trees

Now that we've improved a bit my next step is to take us down to the seafront so that we can skate along the promenade. I want to find a quieter time, perhaps first thing in the morning or maybe we'll wait until later in the year when there aren't so many tourists. Also I've not been brave enough to go out without Mia yet, I think I might get even more people staring at me if I'm on my own!

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  1. I haven't roller-skated in years but I used to love it. My youngest got some for Christmas a couple of years ago and hasn't really bothered with them. Hmmf. It looks like you have been having loads of fun. x


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