Thursday 25 August 2022

The extra things I do before going on holiday

There are all sorts of things that you need to do before you go away on holiday - the packing of course, gathering together the important documents, booking things like parking or taxis. But there's also a whole host of other jobs that I find myself doing before we leave. 

For example:

Eat up all the food - I can't bear the thought of throwing away food that won't keep. So I make sure that I'm careful with the shopping and I plan meals so that every last thing in the fridge is eaten. Even if this means forcing the children to eat fruit and veg as snacks all day!

Make a food shopping list - We usually book an online shop for the day we get back, so I like to have that ready to go before we leave in case we don't have time or an internet connection. That means making a meal plan for when we get back and adding in the things that were eaten up before we went.

Batch cook some pasta sauces - I keep a couple of different pasta sauces in the freezer in pots for an easy dinner for my fussy child, so I make sure the freezer is stocked before I go.

Clean the house - For two reasons, firstly because it's so nice to come back to a lovely clean and tidy house after a long journey and secondly in case something happens to us while we are away and relatives need to come into the house!

Paint my nails - I always like to paint my nails before a holiday, especially if it's a holiday that will involve sandals. It does take such a time though, and it can be annoying when I'm busy as I like to wait until the day before so that it lasts longer!

Clean out the fish tank - Last year we bought some goldfish, and they are still alive! We feed them with a battery powered automatic feeder while we are away which has always worked well, and we also position one of our security cameras by the tank so that we can check in on them. But I still fret about them! So I make sure that their tank is nice and clean before we go and change the filter if necessary.

Make a plan for the first week back - I add any important tasks into the calendar like bills that need to be paid or things that need to be chased. I have a rolling to do list in Trello so I fill out all my jobs for the first couple of days back.

Sort out birthday cards or presents - I've been caught before having to buy and post a birthday card whilst away!

Backup photos - In case of accident befalling my phone, and also to free up the storage.

Empty my inbox - As much as possible at least. I only leave e-mails for things which are in progress and will be needed when I get back as well as e-mails for the holiday like accommodation confirmations.

Doing all these things helps me to feel in control, and less anxious as the holiday approaches!

Large pile of vintage suitcases
Photo credit Nick Fewings via Unsplash

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  1. What a great list. I hadn't thought about a lot of these things. x


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