Thursday 11 January 2024

What to look for in an aesthetic dentistry clinic

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When looking for a potential medical practitioner, it’s important to do your research properly. While aesthetic dentistry isn’t always the result of a medical emergency, it’s still crucial that you find a provider with extensive experience in that specific dentistry niche. There are a few things that you should be aware of in your search - here’s what to look out for in an aesthetic dentistry clinic. 

Fully qualified

It should go without saying that all dentists, including those who deal with aesthetic procedures, must be fully qualified. Make sure that the dentist you’re considering has carried out training to an advanced level in the precise procedures you’re having carried out, in addition to a dentistry degree. In some cases, they’ll be operating on your mouth, and they must know exactly what they’re doing. 

Specific experience 

There are a wide range of different aesthetic dentistry procedures that you can have carried out. While a lot of dentists will have a broad level of experience and be able to help you out with whatever it is that you need, it’s important to make sure that they have experience with the exact procedure you’re looking to have carried out. Check on their website, looking at testimonials of people who had similar procedures carried out in the past.

Check out the results of their work

If you want to see what you can expect your work to look like, then take a look at their website. Lots of aesthetic dentists are proud of the work that they carry out, and will post before and after pictures of a range of procedures. Providers such as St Annes Private Dental Centre also often post links to their Google reviews; by taking a good look through some of these, you can get some kind of idea of the overall quality of service you can expect. 


Aesthetic dentistry definitely isn’t something that you want to be cheap with. If these kinds of procedures aren’t done properly, they can weaken your teeth, potentially leading to serious future dental issues. That being said, some clinics can be incredibly expensive - as a result, it’s important to do your research. Be suspicious of particularly cheap service providers, but also make sure that you do enough research to make sure that you’re not being ripped off.

A thorough consultation

While you might know roughly what it is that you want to have done to your teeth, you’ll likely still have a lot of questions. Your dentist should be able to answer these questions and guide you towards appropriate solutions through a thorough consultation process. Be wary of any clinics that try to rush you into a specific procedure without going through your medical history and asking you what you want first - they should be able to address any uncertainties you have and put your mind at rest.

Aesthetic dentistry can have a really positive effect on your life. It’s important that you take the time to research potential clinics properly, so that you end up with a service that has the knowledge and experience to provide you with the results you deserve.

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