Thursday 18 January 2024

Craft book review - Sew Mindful Cross Stitch

I received a copy of this book in exchange for a review

Today I'm sharing a lovely new craft book - Sew Mindful Cross Stitch by Sophie Crabb. Cross stitch is one of my favourite crafts, and I've shared many of my cross stitch projects here on the blog, as well as some of my own designs. One of the reasons that I enjoy cross stitch is because it's a craft that I can really absorb myself in. The time flies by, and I love the feeling of accomplishment as a project comes together.

Cross stitch is definitely a mindful craft, and so I loved the idea of this book which aims to show the importance of crafting and the impact that it has on our mental wellbeing.

Sew Mindful Cross Stitch by Sophie Crabb book review

The book opens with a comprehensive introduction to cross stitching for beginners. Everything is covered - tools and materials required, the different types of thread and fabric, how to read a pattern, using hoops and frames and different stitching techniques. All the steps are fully illustrated to make it easy for complete beginners.

The book goes on to discuss the act of mindfulness, and some techniques for mindful cross stitching. I loved this section because it really emphasised to me how important it is to find an activity which can help you to switch off from the world and really relax and focus your brain on one thing. The first of the 22 projects in the book are small and ideal for beginners. The patterns are easy to follow, so you can really focus on how you feel as you are stitching, the feel of the fabric and thread and the sound of the thread pulling through the holes.

Sew Mindful Cross Stitch book review inside

The remaining projects in the book are grouped by theme - Positive Affirmations, Self-Care Stitches and Mindful Messages. Alongside each project the author has included a short paragraph explaining what the project means to her, which I found really interesting to read. There are so many designs in the book that it's easy to pick the ones which really resonate, and give you something to think about while you are stitching.

Sew Mindful Cross Stitch review

The book finishes with some tutorials for finishing off your cross stitch pieces so that they can be displayed. There were some really helpful tips, especially for when it comes to framing a piece in an embroidery hoop which I sometimes find tricky. 

I really enjoyed the opportunity to think a little more about how the mind and body link, and how mindful crafting can help to have a profound and positive impact on mental wellbeing. The projects in the book are simple yet effective and are perfect for beginners and more experienced cross stitchers alike. Even if, like mine, your cross stitching stash is too full at the moment to start new projects, it's also a really lovely read and gave me lots of things to think about. I'm definitely going to have a go at some of the smaller projects in the book first when I'm looking for a break from a larger piece!

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  1. What a fantastic looking book. It sounds very useful with some tips and guides.
    I have a few cross stitch sets that I am part way through finishing, I need to get back to them. It is such a relaxing hobby. x


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