Monday 27 November 2023

My currently incomplete cross stitch projects

I've recently picked up some cross stitch again after a generous gift from a friend (see below!) and I'm really enjoying stitching away. Unfortunately it's not the only long term cross stitch project on my hoops, I also have a few others on the go. I thought I'd share the cross stitch projects that I'm currently working on, in the hope that it might inspire me to get a couple finished!

My cross stitch travel map will probably never be finished, as I won't even want to think that I won't be doing any more travelling! In fact I've just realised that I need to update it after visiting Sweden over the summer, and there is plenty of work that I can do to fill in all those white gaps. 

Cross stitch travel map in progress

Another map that I'm working on is the Olde World Map from Janlynn. This is a very large piece, and as I've discovered it is very challenging. There are lots of similar colours to work with, and it can be very difficult to distinguish between them when stitching busy areas. So I've not worked on it for a while, which is a shame because it's a lovely kit. I need to come up with some kind of system to help me, possibly making a copy of the pattern and using a highlighter to mark off areas as I complete them. 

Vintage world map cross stitch in progress

A couple of weeks ago I unpacked this Christmas Be a Light kit from Dimensions which I bought on our most recent trip to the US. It's a lovely design worked on navy blue Aida and I thought that it would be a nice Christmas project. 

Christmas cross stitch kit with lantern jars

But then! I met a friend a couple of weeks ago and she very kindly passed on this cross stitch kit - The Christmas Nutcracker from Bothy Threads. I was going to put it aside for future Christmas crafting but I couldn't stop myself from making a start, and now I think this will be my Christmas project instead. It's a very easy kit, there are a limited number of colours and the Nutcracker at least is symmetrical and formed of large blocks of colour, so you don't need to follow the pattern too closely. It's a great design for working on in front of the television or when you only have a few minutes before you need to put it down.

I won't be finishing it by this Christmas, but there's a chance that it might be complete before the next one!

Bothy Threads Christmas Nutcracker cross stitch kit in progress

In my stash I also have one other cross stitch kit which I've not even taken out of the pack yet. It's quite a small one, a sort of cross stitch cat, which I'm saving to take away on the sort of holiday which will give me some stitching time. 

I'm thinking that I need some kind of challenge to help me make some good progress on all these projects. Maybe I can incorporate something into my New Year's resolutions!

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  1. I have a couple of cross stitch sets that I need to finish off. I love your travel map. x


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