Wednesday 29 November 2023

How I use Amazon wishlists to plan my Christmas shopping

I am currently in the middle of my Christmas gift shopping, and I try to keep things as simple as I can. Luckily all the people that I buy for are of the same mindset, and so I don't have too much stress when it comes to thinking about what to buy! But I do like to make sure that I'm finding the things that people want at the best price possible, and so I make great use of the Amazon wish list facility to keep me organised.

All of my family members have their own Amazon wish list which they keep updated. Well, apart from one who has migrated over to a website called Things To Get Me, which lets you add things that can't be bought on Amazon. I have several lists of my own - I have a main public wish list, a shopping list which contains things that I am tracking but would hope not to receive as gifts (boring things like laundry tablets) and a private wish list for things that I'd like but that are a bit personal.

I have a public list for each of the children to share with others, and a private list which only I can see. If I'm browsing on Amazon and spot something that I think they might like I'll add it to this list so that they get some surprises. I can also view and shop from the lists of my family and friends.

Amazon shopping box under the Christmas tree
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I find all these lists really useful in many ways. They keep me organised, and help keep track of things I've spotted that I am interested in, either for myself or for others. If anyone asks me what I'd like for birthday or Christmas I don't have to worry about trying to come up with something because I already have a list of things ready to go.

But the main way that I use my lists is to track prices. I know that Amazon can be very sneaky with their prices and you do need to be a bit careful, but it will say next to an item if it has reduced in price since you added it (not if it has increased of course!) and there's also a red flag if it's on any kind of deal. I always check the price history on CamelCamelCamel because sometimes the special offer price is higher than the usual price, but it's a good way of spotting something that might be a bargain.

Over the last Black Friday week I went through my lists several times a day to see if anything was reduced and was pleased to save a few pounds here and there on items that I had been tracking. Although some did increase in price, so I'm holding off to see if they go down again before I buy!

I don't do all my Christmas shopping on Amazon of course, but my system has definitely been a big help to me over the last few years!

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  1. The Amazon wish list feature have really helped me out this year, especially with my girls. I got a few things over the Black Friday weekend when I saw the prices have dropped. x


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