Friday 10 November 2023

Christmas diamond painting kits inspiration

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I love diamond painting, I find it a relaxing and mindful craft and I enjoy admiring my finished pieces, like my Starry Night diamond painting which always gets a comment from visitors. Diamond painting is a brilliant craft for Christmas, it's a fun way to get in the festive mood in the run up to Christmas and produces some lovely sparkly Christmas decorations. A larger piece is also something that you can work on over the festive period ready for display next year.

I've hunted out some different Christmas diamond painting kits, both traditional and a some that are a  bit different, for some festive diamond painting inspiration.

Smaller kits for beginners or groups

A set of small diamond painting kits (affiliate link) is a great way to get started with the craft. They work really well for a Christmas crafting party as they are easy to divide up, quick to complete, and everyone gets to go home with at least one finished project. If you are working as a group it's a good idea to buy some extra pens, wax and trays so that everyone can craft at the same time. As well as being turned into ornaments, they can also be used to decorate Christmas cards or you can also make diamond painted Christmas gift tags (affiliate link).  

Large full drill Christmas diamond painting kits

These large diamond painting pieces (affiliate link) can be complicated and take a long time to complete, but they are very satisfying once finished as the entire piece is filled with the sparking diamonds. You need to be very organised when it comes to sorting out the different coloured pieces, I recommend a storage container with small, labelled compartments that you can decant the bags of drills into. It's also best to work on the piece in small sections so that you don't expose any more of sticky background than necessary to avoid it drying out.

Partial drill Christmas diamond painting kits

Partial drill kits are kits with a coloured background that are embellished by the diamond dots. They are often quicker and easier to complete and don't use such a large selection of colours. The background may be sparkly or shaped for extra interest, and allows for finer detail when printed rather than composed with the diamond drills. This partial drill Christmas diamond painting kit (affiliate link) has a painted background with diamond dots for extra sparkles.

Something a bit different

There are also some diamond painting kits that let you make something a bit different than the usual flat piece. For example this Santa diamond painting nightlight (affiliate link) which would make a brilliant Christmas decorations! There are also kits for diamond painting Christmas wreaths and other hanging decorations.

I hope that I've given you some inspiration for your Christmas crafting!

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  1. I have never tried diamond painting before but my girls do love it. I have already got my eldest a set for Christmas. x


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