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A woman's quick guide to chic airport style

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It’s not uncommon to see people at the airport with a generally unpolished and haggard look as they rush to board their scheduled flight. As such, you might think it an insurmountable task to come up with a style that can make you look chic and refined as you make your way through the airport and board your next flight.

Whether you’re traveling for business or for pleasure, you can put together a travel look that’s polished and comfortable with a bit of effort and good fashion sense. With a lot of people at the airport dressing a little too casually these days, you too can stand out as a breath of fresh air in your chic ensemble that leaves an elegant impression.

This article aims to help you create an eye-catching travel outfit that balances comfort with style, as you make your way through the airport and onto your flight. Read on to find out how you can do so.

Opt for a Polished but Comfortable Outfit

When it comes to airport style, comfort is non-negotiable. This is especially true if you have a long flight out of the country. However, that doesn't mean you have to compromise on style. Whatever outfit you put on, aim for a look that’s polished yet comfortable enough to wear on the plane. 

For instance, the fabric used in a cotton twill suit can be quite soft and breathable yet still evokes a sophisticated air when worn. Another example is a cotton-blended jersey sweater paired with a pair of leggings. The loose fit of the sweater and the stretchy fabric of the leggings allow for freedom of movement, which is important when you need a good stretch after a long flight.

Layer Your Pieces

In styling an outfit, knowing how to layer pieces of clothing is an essential talent. With making use of the right layers, your outfit can look visually dynamic and exciting. What’s more, these layers provide the warmth you need in a cold airplane.

For your base, you can wear comfortable pieces like a tank top or a long sleeved shirt made of soft fabric that won’t irritate your skin. Over that, you can wear a button-up shirt, hoodie, or jacket. If it’s particularly cold, you can add even more layers like an overcoat and a scarf. Overall, your layered look will give warmth as well as incredible style inspiration.

Slip On a Pair of Comfy Trousers and Wrinkle-Free Tops

For bottoms, there’s an array to choose from if you’re going for something stylish yet comfy. Unlike the previous decade when it’s all about the slim fit, there are a variety of styles that are more comfortable these days. For example, you can opt for wide-leg sweatpants or joggers that look dressy enough to be worn at an airport. You can also choose to wear a trusty pair of leggings that never go out of style.

When it comes to tops, choose those made from wrinkle-free but still comfy fabrics like silks, wool, and organza. This would ensure that you look put-together even when you’ve just landed from a 14-hour flight.  

Choose Stretchy and Loose Dresses as Alternatives to Trousers

If you’re tired of trousers for your airport look, why not opt for stretchy dresses like a sweater dress? These types of dresses come in all sorts of hemlines. In fact, you can even wear one over your tights for a more layered look. Another type of dress that just screams summer is the nap dress. With a solid-coloured nap dress and a coat thrown over it, you’re ready to take on the world.

Wear Matching Sets for Effortless Style

Do you not trust yourself to pull off a stylish ensemble? If the answer is yes, then have no fear. One fool proof hack to look absolutely stylish without any effort is to wear matching sets like a tracksuit.

By using a single colour, you can elongate the body with a monochrome look. Unlike mismatched sets that look frumpy, a matching tracksuit presents a comfortable but cohesive appearance that’s easy on the eyes. 

Stylish woman walking through the airport with suitcase
Photo credit Gabrielle Henderson via Unsplash

Carry a Stylish Outerwear for Instant Warmth and Style

With a stylish overcoat, jacket, or sweater, you can instantly elevate your look—from drab to fab. In fact, you can use stylish outerwear to hide the fact that you didn’t have time to put together a more thoughtful ensemble. Best of all, this outerwear can protect you from a cold airplane cabin. Once you get to warmer destinations, you can simply take this layer off and drape it over your shoulders for a stylish flair.

Pair Your Outfits with Sleek but Comfy Footwear

The golden age of flying had women wearing their best clothes and heels. However, modern airports are incredibly huge, sometimes requiring you to walk half an hour just to get to your gate. As such, you need to ditch your heels and put on your most comfortable shoes like trainers, loafers, and ballerina flats. That said, ensure your footwear matches your outfit. For an effortless style, choose neutral-coloured shoes that go with everything in your luggage.

Accessorize with Airport-Appropriate Pieces

The difference between wearing clothes and styling clothes lies in the accessories. For a put-together airport outfit, you need to consider the security implications of wearing metal pieces. While these may provide the piece de resistance of your outfit, they might also cause you security delays. To prevent this from happening, simply keep your accessories in your carry-on before heading to security and put them on once you’re through.

Achieving a chic and comfortable airport style is all about finding the perfect balance between elegance and ease. With the right combination of polished yet comfortable pieces, thoughtful layering, and stylish accessories, you can elevate your travel look to new heights.

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