Friday 26 April 2024

Starting my second journal

Around this time last year I began to write regularly in my journal, and I soon progressed to adding ephemera along with a few illustrations. I've mentioned my journal a lot on my blog.

I've written about how I use my journal, shared some of the things that I have stuck in to my journal, and how I use my journal to help me notice the things around me. I've also blogged about overcoming my fear of journalling in public, and how I use my journal to spark my creativity. A regular journalling habit has become really important to me, and I always feel better after getting my thoughts down on paper.

My journal is a very simple Amazon Basics notebook (affiliate link), and it's slightly smaller than A4 size. I always look out for this notebook on Prime day as they are often reduced to half price. The pages aren't the best quality but they hold up well to my fountain pen and even some ink and watercolours. The paper is really smooth for comfortable writing and although the pages are thin they are still sturdy enough for plenty of gluing. There's also a handy pocket at the back for loose odds and ends.

I was running out of pages in my original journal just before we went away over Easter, so I decided that it would be a good time to start a new one. I removed the last few blank pages to try and make it a little flatter. I love this photo comparing my old and new journals - you can see just how much I stuffed it full with tickets, pictures, postcards, stickers, cards and all sorts of ephemera!

Old stuffed journal compared to brand new one

Now I'm starting again with a lovely empty book of clean pages. I love writing with my fountain pen, or cartridge pen as we used to call them back at school. I'm thinking about treating myself to some different coloured cartridges so that I can have a really colourful journal!

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  1. Oh wow! What a difference in the notebooks. Your journal does make me smile, it looks so well used!


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