Felt Crafts

I love making things with felt! It's available in such gorgeous bright colours as well as delicate pastels, and it's so easy to cut and sew with. Felt is durable, so you can use it to make toys and games for little ones and because it's so easy to sew it's great for introducing some first sewing projects to young children.

Here are some of my favourite felt creations:

Homemade toys and games

Magnetic felt fishing game
Felt purse for small treasures
Felt and salt dough play pizza
Pebble monsters
Goldilocks and the Three Bears story sack
Embroidered felt numbers
Felt sandwich play food
Felt biscuits

My favourite felt crafts

Decorative items for the home

Green and silver button tree picture
Black and red button tree picture
Felt name picture - Harry
Felt name picture - Mia
Embroidery hoop flowers art

My favourite felt crafts

Embroidery hoop house picture
Felt Christmas stocking decorations
Denim and felt butterfly bunting
Felt owl picture
Valentine's Day felt heart

My favourite felt crafts

Children's sewing projects

Lavender bags
Valentine's Day gift bags

My favourite felt crafts