Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Go Team Honk Snowdon - we did it!

I am back from a fantastic weekend away, and I am proud to announce that Team Honk did it - we climbed Snowdon!

I had a brilliant time, I met some wonderful people, and most importantly we raised a fantastic amount for Comic Relief.

We began the day by kitting ourselves up in the car park at the bottom - our feet comfortable in new hiking socks from Hi-Tec and our bottoms suitably clad in gorgeous lacy red underwear from Who Made Your Pants?, which brought us lots of attention!

The hike started off deceptively smoothly, along a nice even path past some pretty lakes. We stopped for a break next to one of the frozen lakes, enjoying some yummy brownies from Gower Cottage to take our minds off the steep path we could see looming in the distance. Then we braced ourselves as the going became really tough, first climbing up a slippery rocky path, then trudging uphill through the snow as we zig zagged up the mountain. It was tough going, and pretty treacherous in parts. I don't have many photographs as I didn't dare take my eyes away from my feet!

We were so lucky with the weather, it would have been very different if it had been misty or raining. As it was we had beautiful sunshine, and it was so warm that I didn't need nearly all the layers that I had packed. We ate our lunch on the summit - a filling packed lunch supplied by the Youth Hostel Association (who also treated us to a meal the evening before and breakfast before we set off).

It was an amazing feeling to be at the summit, there was such an enormous sense of achievement. I don't think any of us wanted to come down!

We walked back a different way, which was longer but less steep. Then Mummy Barrow met us at the bottom for congratulations and a well earned drink.

We were an amazing group of bloggers (and others!), and I feel privileged to have shared this experience with them all. If you want to read (and listen to!) what they all had to say about our trip, and see some fabulous photos, then have a look at these:

Mari at Mari's World
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Hannah at CupcakeMumma
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Mari at Mari's World - a vlog

And there are also some fantastic videos from The Alexander Residence:

Behind the Scenes - The Real Team Honk Snowdon
Video Diary Day 1
Assembling for the climb
Brownie break
At the summit

As well as some other articles about the climb:

Congratulations from Hi-Tec

We have raised an incredible £5200 so far!


  1. lovely to meet you! what a fab experience and yes!!! sponsor us we are amazing.

    1. It was lovely to meet you too! The sponsorship money just keeps going up - nearly £5500 now!

  2. Such a fabulous achievement! :)

  3. Wahey! I do hope that our time spent trapped in the car didn't scare you too much ! Great to meet you - see you again soon :D

    1. Great to meet you too, the entertaining car journey flew by!

  4. Very proud of you all, and you obviously had a great time! xx

    1. Thank you! Yes, I had a fantastic time :)

  5. I love this post! The photo of you at the summit is gorgeous and perfectly sums up how we all felt up there! xx

    1. Thank you! I think it's the first time that I've managed to take a photo of myself (and yes I knew that I was being photo bombed!)

  6. Well done, Team Honk! What a fabulous achievement by all of you.

  7. Lovely to meet you, huge congrats and how fab is that picture of you on the summit! This time next year?!

  8. When my school year climbed Snowdon we stopped for lunch at the Halfway House. The views are absolutely amazing as long as you don't look down, but it's a steep climb!

    Congratulations once again :)

  9. It was such a great experience and so lovely to share it with you Jenny xxx

  10. It was an incredible experience! Great to meet you as well, & maybe see you again next time?

  11. Well done!!! What a fantastic thing to do and it looks like you had great weather to take you there. Loving the photos

  12. Congratulations! I sponsored team honk as a whole as it would have bankrupt me to sponsor you all individually. Really well done! x


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