Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Lollipop stick weaving decorations

How to make stick weaving decorations

We had a lot of fun recently making these simple outdoor decorations from weaving lollipop sticks around with odds and ends of wool, so I thought I'd share how we made them!

First you need to make a base shape using sticks. We used coloured lollipop sticks, but you could also use sticks that you've collected on walks out and about (we have a lot of these). I used Bostik glu dots to glue the lollipop sticks together which were perfect as they stuck instantly. You could also use double sided tape, or just any kind of glue and prepare the sticks in advance so that the glue has time to dry.

Lollipop sticks glued together

Then gather together odd bits of coloured wool or thin ribbon and tie the end firmly to the stick before weaving it in and out. Older children will be a bit neater and more methodical, younger children will enjoy wrapping the wool around any which way and just having fun with it.

Lollipop stick weaving

Make sure that you tie the ends of the wool firmly to the sticks when ending one colour and starting with a new one. Then make a loop with either wool or ribbon so that you can hang up your decorations. I've hung ours on the summerhouse and I know that they won't last forever, but hopefully they'll survive for the rest of the summer at least and then we can make new ones next year!

Lollipop stick weaving outdoor decoration

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