Wednesday 23 September 2015

Pom Pom Pig Keyrings

The theme for this months' Bostik Bloggers craft box was 'Back to School' and once again we received a lovely box of craft materials to inspire us.

Fimo and pink pom pom pig keyring

With Harry I learned fairly early on that a keyring attached to his book bag was a great way to help both him and me identify it among the big pile in the box. I saw these really sweet Fimo and pom pom sheep keyrings, and so I decided that we'd change the idea slightly to make pom pom pig keyrings for our first craft.

Fimo and pink pom pom pig keyring

To make the pom poms we used a pom pom maker set which has plastic templates to use for making the pom poms. It's not really necessary as you can just use cardboard rings, but it's quicker and less fiddly to get started and it makes the whole thing sturdier as you're working on it. We used the medium size template and some pink yarn to make the pom poms. I made sure that the yarn I used to tie up the pom pom was quite long and I left the long ends hanging so that I could use them to attach the keyring later on.

Then we used some pink and purple Fimo to make pigs heads. Mia needed a little bit of help but Harry was happy to make his own. When they had cooled down I used some Bostik Glue & Fix to attach the Fimo head to the pom pom. I was really impressed with this glue, it stuck the Fimo to the yarn brilliantly and dried quickly to a clear finish.

Fimo and pink pom pom pig keyring

To make it into a keyring I cut a piece of coloured ric rac and made it into a loop which I secured tightly with a few stitches. I threaded a split ring through the ric rac to make the hanging part of the keyring, then used the long lengths of wool to tie firmly around the other end of the ric rac loop. Then I used another dollop of the Glue & Fix to make sure that the sewn part of the ric rac was fully covered by the yarn.

Fimo and pink pom pom pig keyring

Mia is so proud of her keyring hanging on her new book bag!

Fimo and pink pom pom pig keyring

The box of craft materials was provided to me free of charge by Bostik as part of the Tots100/Bostik Craft Bloggers Club. Amazon links are affiliate.

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