Thursday 24 September 2015

Stepping up our pizza making game with the G3 Ferrari Delizia Pizza Oven

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Ram and I do love pizza. We've been making our own pizza for years - beginning with basic pre-made bases, moving on to making our own dough from mixes, then from scratch, both by hand and using the dough hook on my Kenwood mixer. We've even had great success with making pizzas on the barbecue.

Ultimately though our quest has all been about trying to replicate the most delicious pizzas that we've ever eaten, which we discovered on a trip to Naples some years ago and enjoyed again a few months back on our recent visit. This is the place to get them - L'Antica Pizzeria - and if you appreciate good pizza and are visiting Naples it's a must!

But with our recent purchase of a pizza oven, we have come very close to achieving pizza perfection, and it's been so successful that I had to share it here!

Ferrari Delizia Pizza Oven review

Ram spotted the G3 Ferrari G10006 Delizia Pizza Oven on special offer a couple of months ago, and it didn't take much consideration before we bought it. We actually bought ours directly from Amazon Italy for around £64 as that was the cheapest at the time. This does mean that it has a continental plug on it, but we picked up a socket adaptor very cheaply.

Pre-heating the pizza oven takes about ten minutes, so you can turn it on while you are preparing your pizzas. We find it best to make all the pizzas in advance and so we've bought a couple of these
pizza paddles so we can get a production line going. The pizza oven itself comes with a divided pizza paddle which is makes it easy to drop the pizzas into place for cooking but is a little awkward to prepare the dough on as it comes apart when you are trying to stretch the dough into shape. This is the divided pizza paddle in action as Ram gingerly places our very first pizza into the oven (it took a bit of practice to make round pizzas!)

Ferrari Delizia Pizza Oven review

When the pizza is in position you close the lid, and it takes about four minutes to cook the pizza. You don't use oil or anything, just flour, and it's very easy to take the pizza out using one of the pizza paddles, or just a wooden spatula. Here's the same pizza as it comes to the end of cooking:

Ferrari Delizia Pizza Oven review

And here it is ready to eat! Yes it's a bit misshapen, but you'll have to take my word for it that it really is delicious!

Ferrari Delizia Pizza Oven review

Ram discovered the pizza oven on the Hot UK Deals website (which he stalks), and the original post has developed into a brilliant thread which shows some of the ways that people have been using the ovens that they've bought. There are also some great tips on how to use it, for example different dough recipes and the sorts of things that you can use it to cook. You can see the post here (be warned, there's a very good chance that after reading it through you'll want one too!)

If you enjoy making your own pizzas I'd really recommend getting one of these. We haven't bought a takeaway pizza since we purchased it, so that alone has made us back the money that we spent on it!

Amazon links are affiliate, but we bought the pizza oven ourselves.


  1. I didn't know pizza ovens existed like that. We cook our frozen purchased one on a baking stone in the oven, but struggle to get the base crispy. I like the idea of one of these, but not the idea of more items in the kitchen. How often do you use it?

    Good to meet you again on Saturday and glad to have found someone else with the same fitness band

    1. We had no idea either, it was pure luck that my husband discovered it! It makes the bases beautifully crispy. At the moment we are using it about twice a week (we do love pizza!) because we make a double batch of the dough and then keep half in the fridge to use a few days later. I've cleared a space in a cupboard so we can put it away afterwards, it's quite light to lift around.

      It was great to see you again too, I've never seen anyone with the same band, it's like an exclusive club!


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