Wednesday 16 September 2015

How to make a simple Halloween tree

Recently we were making some hanging Halloween decorations, and I was trying to think of somewhere that they could be hung for display. Then I remembered the simple homemade Easter tree that I made earlier in the year, and how it's a shame that it spends most of the year packed away. So I decided to bring it out and see what I could do to make it look a little more spooky for Halloween!

How to make a simple Halloween tree

You can find the instructions for making the basic Halloween tree here - how to make a wire tree for displaying ornaments. All you need is some sturdy wire and tissue paper, white paint, a small flower pot for the stand and any other decorations that you have around to make your tree look nice and spooky.

I found some thin black netting which I wrapped around the flower pot base, then I covered the Easter straw inside with some dyed orange rice and pumpkin seeds. This is actually part of our Halloween sensory tub, which I made a few years back and is still looking good!

Halloween tree base with pumpkin seeds

We are still building our collection of hanging Halloween decorations, something that I need to get on with! The colourful skulls are from a Baker Ross kit, and the other hanging black spider decoration was from Asda last year.

How to make a Halloween tree

At the base of the tree is a small plastic pumpkin, and the pumpkin gift bag was a simple craft that I created using orange and black felt tied with ribbon for holding small Halloween treats.

Halloween tree base with toys

It will be set out on the sideboard in our house and I'm sure it will be added to as the season progresses!

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