Monday, 21 September 2015

Pinterest wins! When Pinterest inspiration was a success.

I love reading posts like this one - 31 Horrendous Pinterest Fail Monstrosities. But I also love seeing the fantastic things that people have made when inspired by something that they've seen on Pinterest. It's not just filled with unachievable examples of crafting excellence, there are some fabulous ideas out there and Pinterest has definitely been a huge inspiration to me over the last few years. You can see some of my own Pinterest wins here - My Pinterest Wins, and I asked around for other people to share some of the things that they have made, inspired by Pinterest, that turned out really well.

Pinterest inspired successes

I've discovered some fantastic cake ideas thanks to Pinterest, like my rainbow cake and piƱata cake. Sonia at Mummy Constant spotted these carrot shaped carrot cake slices:

and made these fantastic cakes, based on the design but using her own recipe.

Carrot cakes shaped like carrots

Kath at Dreaming of a Craft Room made a fantastic birthday cake. Inspired by this pin:

she created this awesome birthday cake with a rabbit popping out of a hat!

Rabbit coming out of hat birthday cake

Debbie at An Organised Mess also turned to Pinterest for birthday party inspiration when she was organising a Lego Ninjago party. Even though the original pin only provided a photograph:

she was able to recreate the design and make her own fantastic invitations:

Lego Ninjago party invites

Pinterest is great for home decor ideas. Jenny at The Gingerbread House was inspired by this Playmobil Clock:

and made her own brilliant version using vintage Playmobil figures:

Playmobil figure clock

Kath at Dreaming of a Craft room used Pinterest for ideas when decorating her daughter's room, and found these fabric wall decals:

She recreated the method on her daughter's walls, and it looks wonderful!

Fabric wall decals

Rachel at The Ordinary Lovely was inspired by decorative pinboards like this one:

to create her own simple and lovely pinboard:

Simple corkboard inspired by Pinterest

My friend Cherry also turned to Pinterest for organisational ideas and saw this kitchen command centre:

She made her own version which is perfectly adapted to her family's needs, and I love the jam jars attached to the walls to hold pens and pencils!

Kitchen command centre inspired by Pinterest

Pinterest is filled with ideas for things that you can make for your children. My friend Debbie pinned these lovely ruffle skirts:

and used the tutorial to make some gorgeous matching skirts for her daughters.

Matching ruffle skirts inspired by Pinterest

Cerys from Rainy Day Mum pinned this tutorial for repairing a broken pushchair seat:

and used the instructions to make a replacement seat that looks much prettier than the original!

Pinterest inspired replacement dolls pushchair cover

Finally, Pinterest isn't just about arts and crafts. Joanne from Kids Days Out Reviews used Pinterest to plan a trip to the Lake District, and discovered Aira Force Falls.

They had a great visit, and her daughters were able to see their first waterfall.

Aira Force Falls, Lake District

You can see some of my own Pinterest wins here - My own Pinterest wins

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  1. What a great idea Jennifer, and some interesting pins too. x

  2. What a great idea to see how Pinterest has inspired us. I have tons of projects that have been in part inspired from Pinterest, it's my go to place for everything.

  3. Oh absolutely loving this! We're thinking of moving and I'm already envisaging some of these in our new home. It is always good to know which ones can be recreated. Thank you so much for including one from me. x

  4. So lovely to here success stories of using Pinterest as you tend to hear more about the fails. I love Debbie's LEGO party invitations

  5. I love Pinterest! It's my first port of call for any inspiration... Lots of creative ideas which get your imagination flowing. I love it. Especially as anything goes too. X

  6. Thanks for featuring us. I love Pinterest too!

  7. Pinterest is my first stop now whenever I need any ideas for anything x

  8. There are some fantastic Pinterest wins there!

  9. Wow, these ideas are so cool. I need to check out Pinterest more, I especially love the play boil clock.


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