Saturday, 6 August 2016

Review - Paradise Island Adventure Golf, Manchester

Paradise Island Adventure Golf, Manchester

On our recent trip to Manchester, we had a lot of fun playing a couple of rounds at Paradise Island Adventure Golf. Paradise Island Adventure Golf in Manchester is based in the Trafford Centre, and offers two 18 hole golf courses set amidst a tropical island paradise, surrounded by exotic wildlife and stone carvings and statues.

We started our adventure with the Tiki Hut Trail.

Adventure Golf Tiki Hut Trail

The golf course winds its way around through tropical trees and vegetation and sculpted stone. The holes are quite simple to start with then get a little more tricky, with some deceptive slopes and hills!

Adventure Golf, Trafford Centre, Manchester

There were lots of fun interactive elements around the course too, with stone statues commenting on your putting ability, and jungle creatures telling jokes above your heads! Some of the holes had little tunnels in them which popped the ball out almost exactly where you needed it to go, meaning that even the children were able to make a hole in one a couple of times which pleased them immensely.

Paradise Island Adventure Golf

We also had a go around the Temple Ruins Adventure trail. We found both trails broadly similar in terms of difficulty but with enough variation in the theming that it wasn't repetitive. It took us just over an hour to complete both trails, which was just right for us.

Crazy golf in Manchester

The final 19th hole is shared between both courses and offers you the fun chance to win a pass for a free game!

Paradise Island Adventure Golf, Manchester

We really enjoyed playing crazy golf here and it's a great alternative to shopping if you are visiting the Trafford Centre with little ones!

We received complimentary admission to Paradise Island Adventure Golf in exchange for this review. A family of four can play one course for £22 or two courses for £32. 

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