Saturday 24 December 2011

Christmas Eve thoughts

For the first few years that we were together, my husband and I spent Christmas apart, at our respective parents' houses. The first year we spent together was in 2008, when I was heavily pregnant with Harry and didn't want to be too far away from home. Since then, Harry's first two Christmases have been spent at Ram's parents.

This year, and for Mia's first Christmas, we have chosen to spent it just the four of us at home. A little selfish perhaps, but I think it's important that we are able to develop our traditions as a family, and of course we will see the other relatives over the Christmas period. Because it's likely that future Christmases will be spent in various places, I've been trying to develop family traditions which can take place wherever we are.

Ram is vegetarian and I don't really eat much meat, so there won't be a turkey tomorrow. Instead we have stocked up on 'party food' and we will probably just graze throughout the day with perhaps a homemade pizza for dinner. Because we don't intend to be driving we can open a bottle of wine. It would be nice if it's dry enough to get out for a walk, otherwise the little ones will have plenty of new toys to occupy themselves with, and of course there will be plenty of festive television to watch!

Tonight we'll sprinkle reindeer food on the grass and leave out a mince pie and a drink for Father Christmas. We'll hang up the stockings by the fireplace, and tuck up the little ones in bed, knowing that they won't sleep any worse than usual, as Harry is still (just!) too little to be up all night with excitement! Then Ram and I have a bit of work to do in order to get Harry's main Christmas present ready for him tomorrow morning!

Reindeer food

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