Saturday 25 August 2012

Adding a bit of colour

When I was a teenager, I was known among my friends for my nail varnish. When colours other than red and pink first became popular around about the mid 90's, I started my collection with a gorgeous pale blue, purchased on a special trip to Miss Selfridge in the next town. Over the next couple of years I built up a collection of nail varnish in almost every colour and I would spend hours painting my nails in different colours, with various horizontal and vertical stripes. I don't know why I got out of the habit, perhaps it was when I went to University and had less time, and over the years I had to throw out the bottles as they dried up.

I did carry on doing French manicures for a while, I was actually quite good at it, although of course it does take a bit of time as you wait for each bit to dry. When I first became pregnant I had the idea that you couldn't wear nail varnish and so I stopped, and until recently I hadn't worn any for years.

Then the other weekend I found myself in a shopping centre without children and some points to spend on my Boots card. Nowadays of course you can buy the bright colours everywhere, although the range that I ended up buying from was called Miss Sporty, which I'm not sure really describes me anymore!

I've also discovered through Pinterest that there are incredibly talent nail artists out there, blogging away with photos of all the different designs that they come up with, it's amazing.

I found that the world of nail varnish has moved on in my absence, the colour dried very quickly within minutes and it cleaned off really easily. I bought two bottles, purple and green, and as they were in fact free with my points I thought that painting my nails might become quite an affordable hobby. It can only be a good thing to introduce a bit more colour into my life, and I see more trips to town to start building up a collection.

Green and purple nail varnish

Perhaps I am just trying to re-capture my youth?


  1. Hiya Jennifer :-) when I was 'young' I too used to love nail varnish and just like you I got out of the habit of wearing it.Im glad you have started a collection up again and as you say it didn't cost you anything ~ win/win

  2. Hi Jen,

    I used to make works of art on my (very long) nails when I was a teen too !! I bought a Mary Quant book and it opened my eyes to the world of crazy designs.

    Of course now you can just get a design airbrushed onto your nails and it's pretty common, but I took great pride back in the day having unusual nails.

    I own a lot of bottles of beautiful nail varnish - all unopened and unused, since I had my son - but don't feel too sorry for me, I get my nails done as a treat :o)

    1. Glad I'm not the only one! I am amazed at how the world of nail varnish has come on in my absence, my sister in law lent me her crackle nail varnish which is amazing stuff, need to get some!

  3. I used to love painting my nails when I was younger too!
    Though I loved all the dark colours - my favourite wa a dark purple called 'Morticia'! Once I remember trying some different designs (checks, stripes and a tiny heart) in black and white and was really proud of the result ;)
    I recently started to paint my nails again too! I got given a bottle at a hen night and although it's not a colour I'd have bought myself - bright pink - I thought why not and am hooked again!
    I'd love to try the crackle nail varnish - they look great!

    1. I'm having a lot of fun, the crackle stuff is brilliant, I really want a bottle now!


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