Tuesday 7 August 2012

How grown up are you?

I've been tagged by Trouble Doubled to see how grown up I am, in a meme originally started by OneDad3Girls. I must admit that I don't always feel very grown up at all, although it's probably about time to admit that I am. But the only way to find out for sure is for me to answer the following questions:

1 Having a mortgage - Yes

2 Mum and Dad no longer make your financial decisions - Yes (they do offer advice though!)

3 Paying into a pension - Yes, through work

4 Conducting a weekly food shop - Yes (although must admit that it's not usually me that does it...! I make the list though.)

5 Written a will - Yes

6 Having children - Yes

7 Budgeting every month - We don't have a fixed budget as such, but we do make sure that all expenses are covered.

8 Cooking a meal from scratch - Yes, not the most complicated one necessarily but I'm quite good at following a recipe if I can find something that the rest of the family will eat

9 Getting married - Yes

10 Getting life insurance - No

11 Recycling - Yes, I'm pretty good about recycling, made much easier because our collection just has one bin into which everything recyclable is thrown.

12 Having a savings account - Yes, but most of our spare money goes into the mortgage because interest rates are so rubbish at the moment

13 Knowing what terms like 'ISA' and 'tracker' mean - Yes

14 Watching the news - I rarely watch the actual news but I check the headlines several times a day on my phone

15 Owning a lawnmower - Yes we own one, I've never used it though!

16 Doing your own washing - Well there isn't anyone else to do it!

17 Taking a trip to the local tip - Yes, although I tend to send t'other half

18 Planting flowers - I planted flowers for the first time this year!

19 Being able to bleed a radiator - I know how to but I'm a bit scared to do it myself, the hissing makes me anxious and fearful of a hot water explosion

20 Having a joint bank account - Yes, we opened one when we got married and started receiving joint cheques. Actually that's not quite the whole truth, we converted my husband's one into a joint account and I kept my own single one!

21 Having a view on politics - Not really

22 Keeping track of interest rates - No

23 Finding a messy house annoying - Yes!

24 Being able to change a lightbulb - Yes, if I have to

25 Owning a vacuum cleaner - We have a lovely Dyson. Not sure how I'd manage without one!

26 Holding dinner parties - We've had friends round a few times for a meal, we tend to just get a pizza in though!

27 Listening to Radio 2 - No, I only listen to the radio in the car and because I can't concentrate enough to change channels while I'm driving I listen to what is already playing (although not if it's Talk Sport, then I just turn it off). It tends to be a local music station.

28 Enjoying gardening - I do garden, but I don't particularly enjoy it.

29 Spending weekend just 'pottering' - Something I would love to do!

30 Mum starts asking you for advice - Not really, I still tend to go to her!

31 Carrying spare shopping bags just in case - Yes

32 Like going round garden centres - No, I only go there to entertain the children by taking them to see the fish

33 Wearing coats on a night out - Yes, I'm always wearing my coat, hate being cold!

34 Going to bed before 11pm - Yes, almost every night

35 Making sure mum and dad are phoned at least once a week - Yes, I try!

36 Classing work as a career rather than a job - Probably when I started working I called it a career, now it's a job!

37 Repairing torn clothes rather than throwing them away - I can put a button on, but I'm not very good with sewing. I'd probably ask my Mum to do it though!

38 You iron - No!

39 You wash up immediately after eating - Yes, I wash up as I go along and my husband finishes off the last bits while I get the children in the bath

40 You enjoy cooking - No

41 You buy a Sunday paper - No, we rarely buy the paper (only if it has a voucher or free Lego)

42 Always going out in a sensible pair of shoes - Yes, I'm always in trainers

43 You like receiving gift vouchers - No, they make me anxious about spending them before the expire

44 Work keeps you awake at night - Not really, not now that I'm back at work

45 Filing post - Yes

46 You have a best crockery set - No, we only have one set of crockery (Ikea's finest!). When we got married we asked for money towards our Honeymoon rather than a gift register!

47 Able to change a car tyre - I have observed the process

48 Being sensible enough to remove make-up before bedtime - No, I hardly ever wear make-up anyway, so I tend to forget to take it off

49 Being able to follow a receipt - I think this one may have become a little wonky with repetition, if it means recipe then yes, I'm quite good at that

50 Owning 'best' towels as well as everyday towels - No, we barely have enough towels for ourselves, I do have some slightly nicer ones that I keep for guests

I make that about 32 so that's 64% grown up. I actually thought I was more grown up than that! I've got a few things lined up to tag people in (beware!) so I will leave it up to you, if you would like to take part then please do!

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  1. Thank you for taking part. You sound about as grown up as me, which is a good thing. Honest. :)


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