Friday 17 August 2012

Stage 4 weaning with Plum Baby

If you've been weaning your baby in the traditional way, by the time that they reach 12 months or so they will be ready to eat the same food as the rest of the family. However not all the food that you eat as a family may be suitable for a baby, for example it might still be too high in salt or sugar. Successfully weaning a baby can seem like a really complicated process with lots of conflicting information. So in June, organic baby food brand Plum ran a competition for five lucky mums to come down to the Plum Cookery School in Buckinghamshire to learn about Plum's recipes and to offer expert advice and support on the weaning process. Celebrity chef Rachel Allen and child nutrition expert Beverley Glock helped to put together a series of weaning videos to pass on their advice.

Stage 4 weaning with Plum baby

We've used Plum products at all stages of weaning, and there are such a wide range of products that you can pick and choose as to what suits your family and weaning style, whether for an entire meal or just for simple, healthy snacks and finger food. Even though I've had babies that have wanted to be independent eaters, I've found products like small packets of baked biscuits really useful to keep in the change bag for when you're out and about and baby starts to get hungry and grumpy.

Stage 4 weaning with Plum baby

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