Friday 19 October 2012

Review - Le Toy Van Toaster Set

We were recently offered the chance to review a product from Dolls Houses. I had a lot of trouble choosing which set to receive, as there was such a lovely selection of toys. In the end I went for the Le Toy Van Honeybake Toaster Set (affiliate link).  We've never had a toy toaster, but I've seen Harry playing with one at toddler group and he loves it. When it arrived it looked so pretty in the packaging that I didn't want to take it out of the box. But Harry had seen it, and he was desperate to play with it.

Le Toy Van Honeybake wooden toaster set

Harry likes eating jam on toast every morning for breakfast, and so he quickly got started.

Le Toy Van Honeybake wooden toaster set

Le Toy Van Honeybake wooden toaster set

I love wooden toys, and I really liked the retro design of this toaster set. I was particularly impressed with the interactive elements of the set. The toaster is spring loaded, so you can push the bread down and press a button to make it pop up (I  just wish I'd had the video camera ready to catch Harry jumping the first time this happened!). Secondly the slices of butter join together with velcro that you can cut apart with the knife. Perhaps Harry is deprived, but he's never had any play food that does this, so it fascinated him. I also fell in love with the little jam pot.

It's durable, and a good quality toy that has plenty of play value. The toaster set is aimed at children aged 3+.

Disclaimer - I received the set for the purpose of this review. Amazon link is affiliate.


  1. Fabulous! I think you are nurturing another Jamie Oliver there, Harry seems fascinated by cooking.

    1. He does love cooking, trouble is we end up making far too many biscuits and cakes, not at all good for the waistline!


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